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    LOCATION.--Lat 39°41'51.2", long 78°10'40.4", Washington County, Hydrologic Unit 02070004,
       on left bank, 0.2 mi downstream from Little Tonoloway Creek, 0.5 mi downstream from bridge on U.S.
       Highway 522  at Hancock, 1.1 mi upstream from Tonoloway Creek (formerly called Great or
       Big Tonoloway Creek), and at mile 239.
    DRAINAGE AREA.--4,064 mi2.
    PERIOD OF RECORD.--October 1932 to current year. Gage-height records collected at same site since
       June 1925 are contained in reports of National Weather Service.
    REVISED RECORDS.--WSP 781: 1933(M). WDR WV-97-1: Drainage area. OFR 95-292 (Second edition, 2006): Drainage area.
    GAGE.--Water-stage recorder and crest-stage gage. Datum of gage is 383.00 ft above North American Vertical Datum of 1988.
       Oct. 1, 1932, to Jan. 5, 1935, Mar. 18, 1936, to  Jan. 20, 1937, nonrecording gage, on former highway
       bridge just upstream at same gage datum.
    REMARKS.--Slight regulation at low flow from power plants upstream. Low flow affected slightly by Stony River 
       Reservoir prior to July 1981, since December 1950 by Savage River Reservoir (see station 01597500), and since 
       July 1981 by Jennings Randolph Lake. National Weather Service gage-height telemeter at station. 
       U.S. Army Corps of Engineers satellite data-collection platform at station.
    EXTREMES FOR PERIOD OF RECORD.--Maximum discharge, 340,000 ft3/s, Mar. 18, 1936,
       gage height, 47.60 ft; minimum discharge, 180 ft3/s, Oct. 4, 1932.
    EXTREMES OUTSIDE PERIOD OF RECORD.--Maximum stage known prior to 1932, about 40 ft in May 1889,
       discharge, about 220,000 ft3/s.
    COOPERATION.--Funding for the operation of this station is provided by PE Hydro Generation, LLC, 
       and the U.S. Geological Survey. 
    This station managed by the MD-DE-DC Water Science Center, Frostburg office.

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    00060 Discharge 2007-10-01  2014-08-29
    00065 Gage height 2014-05-01  2014-08-29

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    Discharge, cubic feet per second

    Most recent instantaneous value: 580   08-29-2014  22:15 EST
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    -- unavailable -- 258 522 776 1230 1580 7280

    Gage height, feet

    Most recent instantaneous value: 2.79   08-29-2014  22:15 EST
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