USGS 361334120035101 020S018E06D001M


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The effects of friction in the extensometer apparatus, likely caused by contact between the extensometer cable and the casing, are evident periodically in the record by periods of little change which are terminated by small vertical offsets, which resulted in a frictional deadband in the record. The friction was sometimes overcome without intervention but sometimes was overcome by manually oscillating the cable during field visits, which involved applying force to the cable to free it from the friction. Therefore, the magnitude of compaction that occurred during periods of friction was recorded when the friction was overcome; however, the time delay between actual compacĀ­tion and recording of the compaction during these periods is unknown.

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2012-04-04  2023-12-28
2012-04-04  2023-12-28
2012-02-14  2024-02-27


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Depth to water level, feet below land surface

Most recent instantaneous value: Eqp 02-27-2024   02:00 PST
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