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  • Due to a lapse in appropriations, the majority of USGS websites may not be up to date and may not reflect current conditions. Websites displaying real-time data, such as Earthquake and Water and information needed for public health and safety will be updated with limited support. Additionally, USGS will not be able to respond to inquiries until appropriations are enacted. For more information, please see www.doi.gov/shutdown.

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ICE EFFECTS ON STREAMFLOW - During winter, ice formation may cause stage and discharge values to appear higher than expected. Ice effects may be minor (occurring only at night and early morning) with baseline flows obvious, or the effects may be major (stage constantly increases over several days or weeks) resulting in greatly erroneous discharge. Streamgages experiencing minor ice conditions will continue to display stage and discharge values to enable users to estimate the approximate base-line stage and discharge. Streamgages experiencing major ice conditions will have the discharge record temporarily disabled to prevent use of erroneous discharge values. The discharge record will resume when it is determined that ice conditions are no longer present. Daily mean discharges during periods of ice effect will be estimated after detailed data analysis.

Current Conditions for Connecticut: Groundwater -- 10 site(s) found


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Station name Date/Time Depth
Group Fairfield County
410628073413301 CT- GW 21 GREENWICH, CT  01/16 05:00 EST 23.69 -- 
412429073165101 CT-NT 15 NEWTOWN, CT  01/16 04:00 EST 2.65 -- 
Group Hartford County
413535072253701 CT-MB 32 MARLBOROUGH, CT 
      LOC 2  01/16 04:00 EST 2.49 -- 
Group Litchfield County
415956073241501  CT-SY 24 SALISBURY, CT  01/16 04:00 EST 8.32 -- 
Group Middlesex County
411832072325501  CT-CL 223 CLINTON, CT  01/16 04:00 EST 2.83 -- 
412825072410501  CT-D 117 DURHAM, CT  01/16 04:00 EST 10.05 -- 
Group New Haven County
412916073121701  CT-SB 42 SOUTHBURY, CT  01/16 05:00 EST 11.64 -- 
Group Tolland County
414741072134501  CT-MS 44 MANSFIELD, CT  01/16 05:00 EST 2.70 -- 
414831072173002 CT- MS 80 MANSFIELD, CT  01/16 05:15 EST 12.36 -- 
Group Windham County
414240072033201  CT-SC 22 SCOTLAND  01/16 04:00 EST 9.71 -- 

Data status codes:
  --     Parameter not determined