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USGS 07381324 Bayou Grand Caillou at Dulac, LA


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Click to go to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality web pages   Data for this site provided through a cooperative program with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.
Data are tidally affected--Astronomical tides cause significant cycles of approximately 24.84 hours at this site. Because a different portion of the 24.84-hour tidal cycle is averaged in successive daily (24-hour) computations, a systematic secondary oscillation, unrelated to basin hydrology and having a period of about two weeks may be apparent in daily data published prior to October 30, 2013.
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This station managed by the Baton Rouge Field Office.

Available Parameters Period of Record
All 5 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water(Max.,Min.,Mean) 2002-10-01  2019-01-22
00060 Discharge(Mean) 1988-01-08  2013-10-04
00065 Gage height(Mean) 1987-11-09  2013-10-04
00095 Specific cond at 25C(Max.,Min.,Mean) 2002-10-01  2018-10-15
00480 Salinity(Max.,Min.,Mean) 2002-10-01  2018-10-15

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Instantaneous-data availability statement
*** There are no data available on the Waterdata system for the time period specified,
    although data may be available in the files of the local USGS office operating the station.