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USGS 07381482 Old River Outflow Channel below Hydropower Channel


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NOTICE: Parameter codes 80154 (suspended sediment concentration, mg/L), 80155 (suspended sediment discharge, tons/day), and 70331 (suspended sediment sieve diameter percent <0.0625 mm) for the following stations are currently under review and temporarily inaccessible for retrieval. Inquiries may be directed to gs-w-lmg_mssediment@usgs.gov.
07295100 Mississippi River at Tarbert Landing, MS
310552091361200 Mississippi River at Coochie, LA
07381482 Old River Outflow Channel below Hydropower Channel
07381490 Atchafalaya River at Simmesport, LA
07381600 Lower Atchafalaya River at Morgan City, LA
07381590 Wax Lake Outlet at Calumet, LA
310408091424500 Red River above Old River Outflow Channel above Simmesport, LA
NOTE: Sites USGS 07381482 Old River Outflow Channel below Hydropower Channel and USGS 310355091411500 Old River Outflow Channel nr Knox Landing are co-located and are considered equivalent with respect to measurements of gage height, discharge, and water-quality parameters. On 03-23-2017, results for 710 field/lab water-quality samples collected from 03-10-1976 through 10-25-2012 that had been attributed to 310355091411500 were moved to site 07381482.

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This station managed by the Baton Rouge Field Office.

Available Parameters Period of Record
All 2 Available Parameters for this site
00060 Discharge(Mean) 2009-03-18  2018-05-22
00065 Gage height(Mean) 2009-02-28  2018-05-22

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