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USGS 300722089150100 Mississippi Sound near Grand Pass


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Click to go to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries web pages   Data for this site provided through a cooperative program with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries.

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This station managed by the Baton Rouge Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
All 6 Available Parameters for this site
00010 Temperature, water 2008-10-01  2019-09-19
00035 Wind speed [Operational Wind Speed] 2019-05-22  2019-09-19
00036 Wind direction [Operational Wind Direction] 2016-09-19  2019-09-19
00065 Gage height 2008-08-28  2019-09-19
00095 Specific cond at 25C 2008-10-10  2019-09-19
00480 Salinity 2008-10-10  2019-09-19

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Gage height, feet

Most recent instantaneous value: 1.22 09-19-2019   13:15 CDT
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