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USGS Current Water Data for Montana

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Questions or concerns about USGS streamflow data in Montana and Wyoming can be directed to Kirk Miller (kmiller@usgs.gov; 307-775-9168).

Updated October 2, 2017 - USGS streamflow monitoring was reactivated with partner funding at the following site effective October 1, 2017 : - USGS streamflow monitoring was discontinued at the following sites effective September 12, 2017 :
  • 06111800 Big Spring Cr at R&B Trading Post nr Lewistown, MT (POR 2 yrs)
  • 06216900 Pryor Cr nr Huntley, MT (POR 24 yrs)
  • 12335100 Blackfoot R ab Nevada Cr nr Helmville, MT (POR 17 yrs)
  • 12365700 Stillwater R at Lawrence Park at Kalispell, MT (POR 10 yrs)
  • 12366080 Whitefish R nr mouth at Kalispell, MT (POR 10 yrs)
- USGS streamflow monitoring was discontinued at the following site effective October 1, 2017 :
  • 06307600 Hanging Woman Cr nr Birney, MT
USGS monitoring activities at these sites were funded by partner agencies. Lack of partner funding for these sites resulted in discontinuation of all streamgaging activities. Questions or concerns can be directed to Kirk Miller (kmiller@usgs.gov; 307-775-9168).

Daily Streamflow Conditions

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Stream gage levels in Montana, relative to 30 year average. 06327500: Flow=9390cfs,Stage=43.93ft,Floodstage=53.5ft,2017-12-11 08:00,High,Yellowstone River at Glendive, MT06295000: Flow=9090cfs,Stage=2.76ft,Floodstage=14ft,2017-12-11 08:45,High,Yellowstone River at Forsyth MT12377150: Flow=20.0cfs,Stage=1.51ft,2017-12-11 08:15,>90,Mission Creek ab reservoir nr St. Ignatius MT06329500: Flow=9450cfs,Stage=5.12ft,Floodstage=19ft,2017-12-11 08:00,>90,Yellowstone River near Sidney MT06309000: Flow=9380cfs,Stage=4.15ft,Floodstage=13ft,2017-12-11 08:00,>90,Yellowstone River at Miles City, MT06294500: Flow=4380cfs,Stage=2.90ft,2017-12-11 08:00,>90,Bighorn River ab Tullock Cr nr Bighorn MT06289820: Flow=10.8cfs,Stage=9.37ft,2017-12-11 09:00,>90,EAST PASS CREEK NEAR DAYTON, WY06289600: Flow=8.97cfs,Stage=1.50ft,2017-12-11 09:00,>90,WEST PASS CREEK NEAR PARKMAN, WY06287000: Flow=4000cfs,Stage=61.04ft,2017-12-11 08:00,>90,Bighorn River near St. Xavier, MT06214500: Flow=3980cfs,Stage=3.23ft,Floodstage=13.5ft,2017-12-11 08:00,>90,Yellowstone River at Billings MT06208500: Flow=663cfs,Stage=2.33ft,Floodstage=8.5ft,2017-12-11 08:30,>90,Clarks Fork Yellowstone River at Edgar MT06207500: Flow=419cfs,Stage=1.55ft,Floodstage=8ft,2017-12-11 09:00,>90,Clarks Fork Yellowstone River nr Belfry MT06205000: Flow=460cfs,Stage=2.03ft,Floodstage=6.5ft,2017-12-11 08:15,>90,Stillwater River near Absarokee MT06191500: Flow=1310cfs,Stage=1.66ft,Floodstage=11ft,2017-12-11 08:00,>90,Yellowstone River at Corwin Springs MT06099500: Flow=513cfs,Stage=3.44ft,Floodstage=9ft,2017-12-11 08:30,>90,Marias River near Shelby MT06093200: Flow=137cfs,Stage=4.47ft,Floodstage=7ft,2017-12-11 08:15,>90,Badger Cr bl Four Horns Canal nr Browning MT06073500: Flow=121cfs,Stage=3.32ft,Floodstage=6.5ft,2017-12-11 08:15,>90,Dearborn River near Craig MT06052500: Flow=1080cfs,Stage=5.16ft,Floodstage=9ft,2017-12-11 08:00,>90,Gallatin River at Logan MT05017500: Flow=382cfs,Stage=2.26ft,2017-12-11 08:15,>90,St. Mary River near Babb MT13039500: Flow=30.1cfs,Stage=4.93ft,2017-12-11 08:45,76-90,HENRYS FORK NR LAKE ID12390700: Flow=125cfs,Stage=1.35ft,Floodstage=7.5ft,2017-12-11 08:15,76-90,Prospect Creek at Thompson Falls MT12370000: Flow=654cfs,Stage=2.64ft,Floodstage=6.5ft,2017-12-11 08:00,76-90,Swan River near Bigfork, MT12358500: Flow=1160cfs,Stage=2.40ft,Floodstage=10ft,2017-12-11 08:45,76-90,M F Flathead River near West Glacier MT12306500: Flow=393cfs,Stage=4.35ft,Floodstage=9ft,2017-12-11 07:45,76-90,MOYIE RIVER AT EASTPORT ID06326500: Flow=253cfs,Stage=1.25ft,2017-12-11 08:00,76-90,Powder River near Locate MT06204050: Flow=112cfs,Stage=0.98ft,2017-12-11 09:00,76-90,West Rosebud Creek near Roscoe MT06200000: Flow=207cfs,Stage=2.43ft,Floodstage=7ft,2017-12-11 08:45,76-90,Boulder River at Big Timber MT06195600: Flow=149cfs,Stage=1.35ft,Floodstage=5.5ft,2017-12-11 08:30,76-90,Shields River nr Livingston MT06192500: Flow=1750cfs,Stage=1.79ft,Floodstage=9.5ft,2017-12-11 08:45,76-90,Yellowstone River near Livingston, MT06191000: Flow=113cfs,Stage=2.13ft,2017-12-11 08:45,76-90,Gardner River near Mammoth, YNP06118500: Flow=29.0cfs,Stage=3.62ft,2017-12-11 08:30,76-90,South Fork Musselshell R ab Martinsdale MT06065500: Flow=4540cfs,Stage=4.13ft,2017-12-11 08:00,76-90,Missouri River bl Hauser Dam near Helena MT12363000: Flow=3650cfs,Stage=3.26ft,Floodstage=13ft,2017-12-11 08:45,10-24,Flathead River at Columbia Falls MT06185500: Flow=6620cfs,Stage=2.56ft,Floodstage=19ft,2017-12-11 07:00,10-24,Missouri River near Culbertson MT06177000: Flow=6450cfs,Stage=10.43ft,Floodstage=23ft,2017-12-11 08:00,10-24,Missouri River near Wolf Point MT06090500: Flow=18.1cfs,Stage=1.98ft,Floodstage=6.5ft,2017-12-11 08:15,10-24,Belt Creek near Monarch MT06054500: Flow=2890cfs,Stage=3.92ft,Floodstage=10.5ft,2017-12-11 08:00,10-24,Missouri River at Toston MT06018500: Flow=273cfs,Stage=4.34ft,Floodstage=7ft,2017-12-11 08:15,10-24,Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges MT12389500: Flow=196cfs,Stage=2.85ft,Floodstage=7ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Thompson River near Thompson Falls MT12389000: Flow=14300cfs,Stage=5.39ft,Floodstage=16ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Clark Fork near Plains MT12388700: Flow=10500cfs,Stage=9.69ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Flathead River at Perma MT12375900: Flow=8.68cfs,Stage=2.02ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,South Crow Creek near Ronan MT12372000: Flow=11100cfs,Stage=6.82ft,Floodstage=18ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Flathead River near Polson MT12362500: Flow=1270cfs,Stage=4.65ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,S F Flathead River nr Columbia Falls MT12355500: Flow=937cfs,Stage=2.20ft,Floodstage=13ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,N F Flathead River nr Columbia Falls MT12354500: Flow=3590cfs,Stage=5.83ft,Floodstage=19ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Clark Fork at St. Regis MT12354000: Flow=205cfs,Stage=2.28ft,Floodstage=8ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,St. Regis River near St. Regis, MT12353000: Flow=2510cfs,Stage=1.61ft,Floodstage=11ft,2017-12-11 09:00,25-75,Clark Fork below Missoula MT12352500: Flow=1090cfs,Stage=3.51ft,Floodstage=11ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Bitterroot River near Missoula MT12344000: Flow=303cfs,Stage=1.53ft,Floodstage=7.5ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,Bitterroot River near Darby MT12342500: Flow=88.0cfs,Stage=1.34ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,West Fork Bitterroot River nr Conner MT12340500: Flow=1440cfs,Stage=2.71ft,Floodstage=10ft,2017-12-11 09:00,25-75,Clark Fork above Missoula MT12340000: Flow=653cfs,Stage=2.23ft,Floodstage=10ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Blackfoot River near Bonner MT12334550: Flow=764cfs,Stage=3.79ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Clark Fork at Turah Bridge nr Bonner MT12334510: Flow=203cfs,Stage=4.89ft,Floodstage=9ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Rock Creek near Clinton MT12324680: Flow=310cfs,Stage=4.38ft,2017-12-11 09:00,25-75,Clark Fork at Goldcreek MT12324200: Flow=189cfs,Stage=2.81ft,Floodstage=6ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Clark Fork at Deer Lodge MT12323750: Flow=44.3cfs,Stage=1.99ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Silver Bow Creek at Warm Springs MT12323250: Flow=17.6cfs,Stage=1.56ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Silver Bow Cr bl Blacktail Cr at Butte MT12305000: Flow=20300cfs,Stage=16.79ft,2017-12-11 07:15,25-75,KOOTENAI RIVER AT LEONIA, ID12304500: Flow=170cfs,Stage=3.19ft,Floodstage=8ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Yaak River near Troy MT12302055: Flow=177cfs,Stage=3.26ft,Floodstage=7.5ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Fisher River near Libby MT12301933: Flow=16300cfs,Stage=21.85ft,Floodstage=27.5ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,Kootenai River bl Libby Dam nr Libby MT06324970: Flow=2.46cfs,Stage=1.91ft,Floodstage=13ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,LITTLE POWDER RIVER AB DRY CREEK, NEAR WESTON, WY06324500: Flow=195cfs,Stage=2.91ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Powder River at Moorhead MT06307616: Flow=207cfs,Stage=1.36ft,Floodstage=7ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Tongue R at Birney Day School Br nr Birney MT06289000: Flow=71.8cfs,Stage=2.25ft,2017-12-11 09:00,25-75,Little Bighorn River at State Line nr Wyola MT06174500: Flow=189cfs,Stage=2.08ft,Floodstage=20ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,Milk River at Nashua MT06154400: Flow=0.29cfs,Stage=2.65ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,Peoples Creek near Hays MT06140500: Flow=56.2cfs,Stage=0.83ft,Floodstage=10ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,Milk River at Havre MT06115200: Flow=7130cfs,Stage=14.57ft,Floodstage=25ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,Missouri River near Landusky MT06109500: Flow=6490cfs,Stage=3.61ft,Floodstage=17ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,Missouri River at Virgelle MT06101500: Flow=499cfs,Stage=3.50ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,Marias River near Chester MT06090800: Flow=5810cfs,Stage=2.45ft,Floodstage=13.5ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Missouri River at Fort Benton MT06090300: Flow=5560cfs,Stage=3.29ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Missouri River near Great Falls MT06078200: Flow=4820cfs,Stage=4.10ft,Floodstage=13.5ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,Missouri River near Ulm MT06066500: Flow=4380cfs,Stage=3.69ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Missouri River bl Holter Dam nr Wolf Cr MT06043500: Flow=299cfs,Stage=1.25ft,Floodstage=6ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway, MT06041000: Flow=1450cfs,Stage=2.35ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Madison River bl Ennis Lake nr McAllister MT06038500: Flow=1020cfs,Stage=1.80ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Madison River bl Hebgen Lake nr Grayling MT06037500: Flow=446cfs,Stage=1.84ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Madison River near West Yellowstone, MT06036650: Flow=1210cfs,Stage=3.27ft,Floodstage=8ft,2017-12-11 08:00,25-75,Jefferson River near Three Forks MT06033000: Flow=29.8cfs,Stage=5.03ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,Boulder River near Boulder MT06026500: Flow=1090cfs,Stage=3.87ft,Floodstage=10ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,Jefferson River near Twin Bridges MT06025500: Flow=475cfs,Stage=1.71ft,Floodstage=6ft,2017-12-11 08:15,25-75,Big Hole River near Melrose MT06020600: Flow=43.6cfs,Stage=2.27ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Ruby River below reservoir near Alder, MT06019500: Flow=105cfs,Stage=2.87ft,2017-12-11 08:45,25-75,Ruby River above reservoir near Alder, MT05014500: Flow=31.4cfs,Stage=1.70ft,2017-12-11 08:30,25-75,Swiftcurrent Creek at Many Glacier MT480608115242901: Stage=0.63ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Libby Wetland Site bl Schrieber Lake nr Libby, MT13039000: Stage=15.45ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,HENRYS LAKE NR LAKE ID12392155: Stage=10.43ft,2017-12-11 07:45:00,Not ranked,Maintenance in progress,LIGHTNING CREEK AT CLARK FORK ID12381400: Stage=2.22ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,South Fork Jocko River near Arlee MT12374250: Stage=1.51ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Mill Cr ab Bassoo Cr nr Niarada MT12371550: Stage=2890.23ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Flathead Lake at Polson MT12366500: 2017-12-11 08:45,Not ranked,Flathead River at Foys Bend nr Kalispell MT12362000: Stage=3542.57ft,2017-12-11 08:45,Not ranked,Hungry Horse Reservoir nr Hungry Horse MT12359800: Not ranked,Seasonal site,S F Flathead R ab Twin C nr Hungry Horse MT12357800: Stage=3.04ft,2017-12-11 08:40,Not ranked,Snyder Creek nr mouth, nr West Glacier, MT12350250: Flow=712cfs,Stage=4.66ft,Floodstage=11ft,2017-12-11 08:45,Not ranked,Bitterroot River at Bell Crossing nr Victor MT12335500: Stage=1.86ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Nevada Cr ab reservoir, nr Helmville, MT12335100: Flow=185cfs,Stage=3.85ft,2017-10-17 13:45,Not ranked,Blackfoot R ab Nevada Cr nr Helmville MT12332000: Stage=2.35ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Middle Fork Rock Cr nr Philipsburg MT12331800: Flow=140cfs,Stage=1.77ft,Floodstage=8ft,2017-12-11 06:00,Not ranked,Clark Fork near Drummond MT12331500: Stage=3.72ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Flint Creek near Drummond MT12330000: Stage=3.52ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Boulder Creek at Maxville MT12329500: Stage=2.27ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Flint Creek at Maxville MT12325500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Flint Creek near Southern Cross MT12325000: Stage=6428.50ft,2017-12-11 08:15,Not ranked,Georgetown Lake near Philipsburg, MT12324590: Stage=1.68ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Little Blackfoot River near Garrison MT12324400: Stage=3.18ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Clark Fork ab Little Blackfoot R nr Garrison MT12323850: Flow=44.0cfs,Stage=1.94ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Lost Creek near Galen, MT12323840: Stage=2.51ft,2017-12-11 08:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Lost Creek near Anaconda MT12323800: Flow=155cfs,Stage=2.37ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Clark Fork near Galen MT12323770: Stage=4.02ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Warm Springs Creek at Warm Springs MT12323760: Flow=50.9cfs,Stage=1.98ft,Floodstage=4.4ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Warm Springs Creek near Anaconda MT12323720: Flow=4.49cfs,Stage=4.01ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Willow Creek at Opportunity, MT12323710: Stage=2.07ft,2017-12-11 08:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Willow Creek nr Anaconda, MT12323700: Stage=2.40ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Mill Creek at Opportunity, MT12323670: Stage=2.19ft,2017-12-11 08:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Mill Creek nr Anaconda, MT12323600: Flow=141cfs,Stage=2.85ft,2017-12-11 08:45,Not ranked,Silver Bow Creek at Opportunity MT12323240: Flow=8.74cfs,Stage=0.82ft,Floodstage=4.3ft,2017-12-11 08:45,Not ranked,Blacktail Creek at Butte MT12301250: Flow=102cfs,Stage=2.64ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Tobacco River at Eureka, MT06336600: Not ranked,Seasonal site,BEAVER CREEK NR TROTTERS, ND06334500: Stage=2.50ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Floodstage=12ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,LITTLE MISSOURI R AT CAMP CROOK,SD06329610: Stage=63.90ft,2017-12-11 08:15,Not ranked,YELLOWSTONE R NO. 2 NR CARTWRIGHT, ND06327450: Flow=4.60cfs,2004-09-30 23:55,Not ranked,Cains Coulee at Glendive MT06308500: Stage=2.78ft,2017-12-11 08:00:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Tongue River at Miles City, MT06308400: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=1.80ft,Floodstage=13ft,2017-12-11 08:45,Not ranked,Pumpkin Creek near Miles City MT06307830: Stage=2.99ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Tongue R bl Brandenberg bridge nr Ashland MT06307500: Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,Tongue River at Tongue R Dam nr Decker MT06306300: Stage=2.68ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Tongue River at State Line nr Decker MT06295220: Stage=5.10ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Back Water,Rosebud C Bel Lame Deer C nr Lame Deer MT06295113: Stage=2.89ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Rosebud C at Reservation Bndry nr Kirby MT06294000: Stage=2.76ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Floodstage=8ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Little Bighorn River near Hardin MT06288400: Flow=4180cfs,Stage=11.22ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Bighorn River at Two Leggins Bridge, near Hardin06287800: Flow=4200cfs,Stage=7.43ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Bighorn River at bridge, at St. Xavier, MT06217700: Flow=10.0cfs,2003-09-30 23:55,Not ranked,North Fork Crooked Cr trib nr Shepherd MT06211500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Willow Creek near Boyd MT06211000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Red Lodge Cr ab Cooney Re nr Boyd MT06209500: Stage=5.53ft,2017-12-11 09:00:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Rock Creek near Red Lodge MT06204070: Flow=80.2cfs,Stage=1.65ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,W Rosebud Cr at Emerald Lk Campground nr Roscoe06190540: Flow=20.1cfs,Stage=1.02ft,2017-12-11 08:15,Not ranked,Boiling River at Mammoth,YNP06188000: Stage=2.46ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Floodstage=15ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Lamar River nr Tower Ranger Station YNP06187915: Stage=0.42ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Soda Butte Cr at Park Bndry at Silver Gate06185110: Stage=4.64ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Floodstage=16ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Big Muddy Creek nr mouth nr Culbertson MT06183450: Stage=2.04ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Floodstage=12ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Big Muddy Creek near Antelope MT06181000: Not ranked,Ice affected,Poplar River near Poplar MT06178000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Poplar River at international boundary06177500: Stage=3.41ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Redwater River at Circle MT06175510: Stage=41.69ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Missouri R at E Frazer Pump Plant nr Frazer MT06175100: Stage=7.58ft,2017-12-11 08:00,Not ranked,Missouri R at W Frazer Pump Plant nr Frazer MT06172310: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Milk River at Tampico MT06169500: Stage=2.49ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Rock Creek bl Horse Creek nr int\'l boundary06167500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Beaver Creek near Hinsdale MT06166000: Floodstage=11ft,Not ranked,Seasonal site,Beaver Cr bl Guston Coulee nr Saco MT06164510: Flow=130cfs,Stage=3.02ft,Floodstage=20ft,2017-12-11 08:00,Not ranked,Milk River at Juneberg Bridge nr Saco MT06155900: Flow=28.0cfs,2008-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,Milk River at Cree Crossing nr Saco MT06155500: Stage=1.48ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Floodstage=16ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Milk River at Malta MT06155030: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Milk River near Dodson MT06154100: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Milk River near Harlem MT06151500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Battle Creek near Chinook MT06142400: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Clear Creek near Chinook MT06139500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Sandy Creek near Havre MT06135000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Milk River at Eastern Crossing of Int Bndry06133500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,N F Milk River ab St. Mary canal nr Browning MT06132000: Stage=2.18ft,2017-12-11 08:15,Not ranked,Missouri River below Fort Peck Dam MT06131200: Not ranked,Ice affected,Nelson Creek near Van Norman MT06130500: Stage=1.60ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Musselshell River at Mosby MT06127500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Musselshell River at Musselshell MT06126500: Stage=0.77ft,2017-12-11 08:00:00,Floodstage=10ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Musselshell River near Roundup MT06125600: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Musselshell River ab Big Coulee Creek at Lavina MT06123030: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Musselshell River ab Mud Cr nr Shawmut MT06120500: Stage=2.99ft,2017-12-11 09:00:00,Floodstage=7ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Musselshell River at Harlowton MT06119600: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Musselshell River nr Martinsdale, MT06114700: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Judith River nr mouth, nr Winifred MT06110020: Flow=9.15cfs,Stage=2.39ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Judith River above Carr Creek near Utica MT06108800: Stage=2.19ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Teton River at Loma MT06108000: Stage=1.74ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Floodstage=9ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Teton River near Dutton MT06102500: Stage=3.74ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Teton River bl South Fork nr Choteau MT06102050: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Marias River near Loma MT06099000: Stage=2.59ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Cut Bank Creek at Cut Bank MT06091700: Stage=1.97ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Two Medicine River bl South Fork nr Browning MT06090000: Stage=10.34ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Missouri River at Great Falls MT06089000: Stage=2.70ft,2017-12-11 08:00:00,Floodstage=6ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Sun River near Vaughn MT06088500: Stage=2.79ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Floodstage=12ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Muddy Creek at Vaughn MT06085800: Flow=398cfs,Stage=2.68ft,Floodstage=7.5ft,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Sun River at Simms MT06082200: Stage=2.22ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Sun River bl Willow Cr nr Augusta MT06080900: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Sun River bl Diversion Dam nr Augusta MT06079000: Stage=1.65ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,South Fork Sun River near Augusta MT06078500: Stage=3.80ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,North Fork Sun River near Augusta MT06077200: Stage=3.52ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Smith River bl Eagle Cr nr Fort Logan MT06076690: Stage=3.02ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Smith River near Ft Logan MT06074000: Flow=4510cfs,2017-12-11 08:30,Not ranked,Missouri River at Cascade MT06071300: Flow=43.0cfs,2008-09-30 23:45,Not ranked,Little Prickly Pear Cr at Wolf Cr MT06063000: Stage=2.21ft,2017-12-11 08:15:00,Floodstage=4.5ft,Not ranked,Ice affected,Tenmile Creek near Helena MT06062500: Stage=1.62ft,2017-12-11 08:45:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Tenmile Creek near Rimini MT06061500: Stage=1.84ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Prickly Pear Creek near Clancy MT06050000: Stage=3.36ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Hyalite C at Hyalite R S nr Bozeman MT06048650: Stage=4.59ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,E Gallatin R ab Water Reclamation Fa nr Bozeman MT06040800: Stage=3.35ft,2017-12-11 08:30:00,Not ranked,Ice affected,Madison River ab powerplant nr McAllister MT06040000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Madison River near Cameron MT06038800: Flow=1060cfs,Stage=1.98ft,2017-12-11 08:45,Not ranked,Madison River at Kirby Ranch nr Cameron MT06035000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Willow Creek near Harrison MT06027600: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Jefferson River at Parsons Bdg nr Silver Star, MT06026420: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole R bl Hamilton Ditch nr Twin Bridges, MT06026210: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River near Glen MT06025250: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River at Maiden Rock nr Divide MT06024580: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River near Wise River MT06024540: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River bl Mudd Cr nr Wisdom MT06024450: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River bl Big Lake Cr at Wisdom MT06024020: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River at Miner Creek nr Jackson MT06023800: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River ab Spring Creek nr Jackson MT06023500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Big Hole River near Jackson MT06023100: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Beaverhead River at Twin Bridges, MT06023000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Ruby River near Twin Bridges MT06017000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Beaverhead River at Dillon MT06016000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Beaverhead River at Barretts MT06012500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Red Rock R bl Lima Reservoir nr Monida MT06006000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Red Rock Cr ab Lakes nr Lakeview MT05018500: Not ranked,Seasonal site,St. Mary Canal at St. Mary Crossing near Babb MT05018000: Not ranked,Seasonal site,St. Mary Canal at intake near Babb MT05015500: Stage=4759.35ft,2017-12-11 08:00,Not ranked,Lake Sherburne at Sherburne MT05014300: Not ranked,Seasonal site,Swiftcurrent Cr ab Swiftcurrent Lk at Many GlacierGo to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options
[color code for] High
[color code for] > 90th percentile
[color code for] 76th - 90th percentile
[color code for] 25th - 75th percentile
[color code for] 10th - 24th percentile
[color code for] < 10th percentile
[color code for] Low
[color code for] Not ranked
The colored dots on this map depict streamflow conditions as a percentile, which is computed from the period of record for the current day of the year. Only stations with at least 30 years of record are used.
The gray circles indicate other stations that were not ranked in percentiles either because they have fewer than 30 years of record or because they report parameters other than streamflow. Some stations, for example, measure stage only.
Measuring Teton River picture

Statewide Streamflow Current Conditions Table

Real-time data typically are recorded at 15-60 minute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to USGS offices every 4 hours. Recording and transmission times may be more frequent during critical events. Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio and are available for viewing within 3 minutes of arrival.

All current conditions data are provisional and subject to revision.

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