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  • UPDATE, 11/9: As of November 8, the USGS has successfully restored all of the operational gages that stopped transmitting due to an issue with the satellite telemetry system that records and transmits data. The USGS will now focus on restoring other equipment that experienced the telemetry issues, including about 85 rapid deployment gages that are used periodically for emergency response. Read more
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Current Conditions for New Jersey: Tide -- 28 site(s) found


New Jersey Tide Telemetry System

The National Ocean Service (NOS) adequately covers tidal data collection on the ocean and large bays, but in New Jersey little to no data was available for the back-bay areas. The back bays behave quite differently than the ocean due to the complex interaction between the winds and the geometry of the inlets and bays. A slow moving Nor’easter can keep tide levels in back bays several feet higher than the ocean by not allowing tides to recede resulting in flooding of bridges and causeways that link the barrier islands to the mainland.

New Jersey’s back-bay communities annually face the risk of catastrophic flooding from hurricanes and coastal storms. Weather forecasters, along with emergency management and transportation officials, require comprehensive and timely tide-level and meteorological data to make accurate flood forecasts and to plan and execute coastal hazard mitigation strategies. These strategies include coastal evacuation, multi-agency coordination, contingency plans and drills, zoning and building code recommendations, and proper design of physical structures, roads, and bridges.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), designed and installed the New Jersey Tide Telemetry System (NJTTS) with assistance from NOS. This system is part of a statewide network of tide gages, weather stations, and stream gages collecting invaluable data in real time. The NJTTS supplies real-time tide-level and meteorological data for flood-prone areas along the New Jersey shore and back bays to critical decision-making centers and the publically-available world wide web.

The USGS New Jersey Water Science Center is responsible for overall project coordination along with operation and maintenance of all instrumentation and remote data-collection platforms.

Fact Sheet 2007-3064

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Datum of gages listed in the table below is at 0.00 ft NAVD of 1988.

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Station name Date/Time Gage
Group Passaic Hackensack and Wallkill River Basins
01392650 Passaic River at PVSC at Newark, NJ  11/12 12:54 EST -- 1.68 
01396060 Arthur Kill at Perth Amboy NJ  11/12 12:30 EST -- 1.36 
Group Raritan and Rahway River Basins
01407081 Raritan Bay at Keansburg, NJ  11/12 12:18 EST -- 1.46 
Group Atlantic Coastal Basins
01378570 Hackensack River at Hackensack, NJ  11/12 12:54 EST -- 2.50 
01407600 Shrewsbury River at Sea Bright, NJ  11/12 13:00 EST -- 1.35 
01407770 Shark River at Belmar, NJ  11/12 12:54 EST -- 0.34 
01408048 Watson Creek at Manasquan, NJ  11/12 12:30 EST -- 0.53 
01408168 Barnegat Bay at Mantoloking , NJ  11/12 12:48 EST -- -0.12 
01408205 Barnegat Bay at Route 37 bridge near Bay Shore NJ  11/12 12:30 EST -0.04 -- 
01409110 Barnegat Bay at Waretown, NJ  12/20 12:24 EST -0.15 -- 
01409125 Barnegat Bay at Barnegat Light, NJ  11/12 12:30 EST 0.47 -- 
01409146 East Thorofare at Ship Bottom, NJ  11/12 12:48 EST -- 0.49 
01409335 Little Egg Inlet near Tuckerton, NJ  11/12 12:12 EST 1.08 -- 
01410510 Absecon Creek at Absecon, NJ  11/12 12:54 EST -- 1.29 
01410560 Inside Thorofare at Atlantic City, NJ  11/12 13:00 EST -- 0.92 
01410600 Absecon Channel at Atlantic City, NJ  11/12 12:48 EST -- 0.81 
01411320 Great Egg Harbor Bay at Ocean City, NJ  11/12 12:36 EST 0.98 -- 
01411330 Beach Thorofare at Margate, NJ  11/12 12:48 EST 0.88 -- 
01411350 Ludlum Thorofare at Sea Isle City, NJ  11/12 12:36 EST -- 1.30 
01411355 Ingram Thorofare at Avalon, NJ  11/12 12:36 EST 1.04 -- 
01411360 Great Channel at Stone Harbor, NJ  11/12 13:00 EST -- 1.07 
01411390 Cape May Harbor at Cape May, NJ  11/12 13:00 EST -- 0.96 
01412150 Maurice River at Bivalve, NJ  11/12 12:54 EST -- 2.66 
Group Delaware River Basin
01411415 Bidwell Creek at Rt 47 near Reeds Beach NJ  11/12 12:24 EST -- 2.96 
01411435 Sluice Creek at South Dennis, NJ  11/12 12:30 EST -- 2.30 
01413038 Cohansey River at Greenwich, NJ  11/12 12:54 EST -- 2.72 
01464040 Delaware River at Marine Terminal at Trenton NJ  11/12 13:00 EST -- -2.28 
Group Rapid Deployment Gages
01483050 Alloway Creek at Hancocks Bridge NJ  11/12 13:06 EST -- 2.35 

Data status codes:
  --     Parameter not determined