USGS 01011000 Allagash River near Allagash, Maine


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Station operated in cooperation with the Maine Emergency Management Agency and the Maine River Flow Advisory Commission.
Period of Record - Discharge: July 1910 to November 1910, May to November 1911, September 1931 to current year. Monthly discharges only for some periods prior to November 1911, published in WSP 1301.

The National Weather Service flood stage for this site is 15.0 ft. (Forecast)

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This station managed by the Augusta ME Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2010-10-01  2024-04-24
2023-12-26  2024-04-24
2021-10-04  2024-04-24
2023-12-26  2024-04-24
1987-12-02  2024-04-24
2007-10-01  2024-04-24


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Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

Most recent instantaneous value: 5.4 04-24-2024   14:00 EDT
Graph of  Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

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