USGS 01018900 West Grand Lake at Grand Lake Stream, Maine


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Station operated in cooperation with the International Joint Commission.
Period of Record - Elevation: October 2010 to current year.

Revisions: Gage datum was revised on April 8, 2013 from NGVD29 to NAVD88 and updated based on more accurate data. All data have been adjusted for the difference. Data published in prior reports will be revised during our annual publishing cycle.

Revisions: Elevation for the period October 26, 2010 to June 6, 2018 were revised on September 2, 2019, based on a revision to the published elevation for the benchmark used to establish the station's datum.

Degrees Fahrenheit water temperature data are provided for the most recent 120 days for convenience. Users seeking data prior to this or approved/published data should download the degrees Celsius data.
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2010-10-27  2024-04-22
2023-12-24  2024-04-22
2010-10-27  2024-04-22


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Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

Most recent instantaneous value: 6.7 04-22-2024   12:00 EDT
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