USGS 01054200 Wild River at Gilead, Maine


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Station operated as a Federal Priority Streamgage.
Degrees Fahrenheit water temperature data are provided for the most recent 120 days for convenience. Users seeking data prior to this or approved/published data should download the degrees Celsius data.

Period of Record - Discharge: July 1964 to current year.

Current shift-adjusted rating in tab-delimited format.
These are updated daily and can change often! If you use these ratings it is important that you update often so that you have the most current version.
What is a shift-adjusted rating?
This station managed by the Augusta ME Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2011-09-13  2024-04-20
2024-02-28  2024-04-20
1989-10-04  2024-04-20
2007-10-01  2024-04-20


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Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

Most recent instantaneous value: 6.1 04-20-2024   02:00 EDT
Graph of  Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

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