Boating safety tips are available from the U.S. Coast Guard.

NOTE: During cold periods, gage height and streamflow information may be adversely affected by ice.

USGS 06893060 Missouri River at Randolph, MO


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NOTE: This station was relocated downstream from the Cerner Riverport Campus (west of I-435) to the Holliday Sand Barge Pier (east of I-435). It remains on the north side of the river.

Logo for DNR Station operated in cooperation with the  Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Available Parameters Available Period
2011-09-09  2023-10-01
2011-09-09  2023-10-01


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Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

Most recent instantaneous value: 23.6 10-01-2023   16:45 CDT
Graph of  Temperature, water, degrees Celsius

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