USGS 385131104544201 SC01406705DB SEVEN MINUTE SPRING


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Station operated by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with City of Manitou Springs and the Manitou Mineral Springs Foundation.

Water levels are computed using instrumentation placed at the wellhead with near constant open flow conditions. USGS operating standards began 7/1/2020. Prior data are furnished records from the cooperating agency.

This station managed by the District Projects Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2015-04-30  2019-07-25
2015-04-30  2019-07-25
2015-04-30  2019-07-25
2020-08-25  2024-04-10


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement
*** There are no data available on the Waterdata system for the time period specified,
    although data may be available in the files of the local USGS office operating the station.