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Station operated in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Huntington District, National Park Service, and Fayette County, WV

Current shift adjusted stage-discharge rating table. These tab delimited tables are updated daily and can change frequently. If you use these ratings, it is important that you update often so that you have the most current version.
What is a shift adjusted stage-discharge rating?

This station managed by the Charleston Field Office.

Available Parameters Available Period
2019-06-27  2022-01-22
2021-09-24  2022-01-22
1994-10-01  2022-01-22
2007-10-01  2022-01-22
2019-06-27  2022-01-22
2019-06-27  2022-01-22
2019-06-27  2022-01-22
2019-06-27  2022-01-22


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Summary of all available data for this site
Instantaneous-data availability statement

Date / Time



wat unf
uS/cm @
25 degC,


det ang
90 deg,

deg C,
12/22/2021 00:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 00:15 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 00:30 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 00:45 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  179P  12.6P  8.4P  1.8P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 01:00 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  179P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 01:15 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  179P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 01:30 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  179P  12.5P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 01:45 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  179P  12.5P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 02:00 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  179P  12.5P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 02:15 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  178P  12.5P  8.4P  1.9P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 02:30 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  178P  12.5P  8.4P  1.9P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 02:45 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  178P  12.5P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 03:00 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  178P  12.4P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 03:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  178P  12.4P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 03:30 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  178P  12.4P  8.3P  1.9P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 03:45 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  178P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 04:00 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  178P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 04:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  178P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 04:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  178P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 04:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 05:00 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.3P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/22/2021 05:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 05:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 05:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 06:00 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 06:15 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 06:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 06:45 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 07:00 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 07:15 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 07:30 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 07:45 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 08:00 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 08:15 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 08:30 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 08:45 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.3P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 09:00 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 09:15 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 09:30 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 09:45 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 10:00 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 10:15 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/22/2021 10:30 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 10:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  177P  12.5P  8.3P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 11:00 EST3,000P  3.85P  0.00P  177P  12.5P  8.3P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 11:15 EST3,000P  3.85P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 11:30 EST3,000P  3.85P  0.00P  176P  12.7P  8.4P  1.8P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 11:45 EST3,000P  3.85P  0.00P  176P  12.7P  8.4P  1.9P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 12:00 EST3,000P  3.85P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.4P  2.0P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 12:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.4P  2.0P  5.5P  
12/22/2021 12:30 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  176P  12.9P  8.4P  2.3P  5.5P  
12/22/2021 12:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  12.9P  8.5P  1.9P  5.5P  
12/22/2021 13:00 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  176P  13.0P  8.5P  2.1P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 13:15 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  176P  13.0P  8.5P  1.9P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 13:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.1P  8.6P  2.0P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 13:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.1P  8.6P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/22/2021 14:00 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/22/2021 14:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/22/2021 14:30 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/22/2021 14:45 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  1.9P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 15:00 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  2.0P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 15:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  2.0P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 15:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  1.9P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 15:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.2P  8.6P  1.9P  5.6P  
12/22/2021 16:00 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.1P  8.6P  2.1P  5.5P  
12/22/2021 16:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.1P  8.6P  1.8P  5.5P  
12/22/2021 16:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.0P  8.6P  1.9P  5.5P  
12/22/2021 16:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.0P  8.5P  1.9P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 17:00 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.0P  8.5P  1.8P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 17:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  13.0P  8.5P  1.9P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 17:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  12.9P  8.5P  1.8P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 17:45 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  12.9P  8.5P  1.9P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 18:00 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  12.9P  8.5P  2.1P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 18:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  12.9P  8.5P  1.9P  5.4P  
12/22/2021 18:30 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  176P  12.9P  8.5P  1.8P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 18:45 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.5P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 19:00 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.5P  1.8P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 19:15 EST2,960P  3.82P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.5P  1.8P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 19:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.4P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 19:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 20:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.8P  8.4P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 20:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.7P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 20:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.7P  8.4P  1.8P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 20:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.7P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 21:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.7P  8.4P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 21:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.7P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 21:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 21:45 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 22:00 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 22:15 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 22:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 22:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 23:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  2.2P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 23:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  2.1P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 23:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/22/2021 23:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.5P  8.4P  2.2P  5.3P  
12/23/2021 00:00 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.5P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 00:15 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.5P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 00:30 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.5P  8.4P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 00:45 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.5P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 01:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.5P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 01:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.5P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 01:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 01:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 02:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 02:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 02:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 02:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 03:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 03:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  1.9P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 03:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 03:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 04:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 04:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 04:30 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 04:45 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 05:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.3P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 05:15 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 05:30 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 05:45 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.3P  8.2P  2.1P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 06:00 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 06:15 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.3P  8.2P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 06:30 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.3P  8.2P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 06:45 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  176P  12.3P  8.2P  2.2P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 07:00 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.2P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 07:15 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.2P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 07:30 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.2P  2.2P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 07:45 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.2P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 08:00 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.2P  1.9P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 08:15 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.2P  2.1P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 08:30 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 08:45 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 09:00 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.2P  2.2P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 09:15 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 09:30 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  177P  12.5P  8.2P  2.0P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 09:45 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  178P  12.5P  8.2P  2.0P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 10:00 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  178P  12.6P  8.2P  2.0P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 10:15 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  178P  12.6P  8.2P  2.2P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 10:30 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  178P  12.7P  8.2P  2.2P  4.9P  
12/23/2021 10:45 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  178P  12.8P  8.3P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 11:00 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  178P  12.8P  8.3P  2.0P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 11:15 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  12.9P  8.3P  2.1P  5.0P  
12/23/2021 11:30 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.0P  8.3P  2.2P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 11:45 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.0P  8.4P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 12:00 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.1P  8.4P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 12:15 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.1P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 12:30 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.2P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 12:45 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.2P  8.5P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 13:00 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.3P  8.5P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/23/2021 13:15 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.3P  8.5P  2.1P  5.3P  
12/23/2021 13:30 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.4P  8.5P  2.2P  5.3P  
12/23/2021 13:45 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.4P  8.5P  2.1P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 14:00 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.0P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 14:15 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.1P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 14:30 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.0P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 14:45 EST2,920P  3.78P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.1P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 15:00 EST2,900P  3.77P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.0P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 15:15 EST2,900P  3.77P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.3P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 15:30 EST2,900P  3.77P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.1P  5.4P  
12/23/2021 15:45 EST2,900P  3.77P  0.00P  178P  13.5P  8.6P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/23/2021 16:00 EST2,900P  3.77P  0.00P  178P  13.4P  8.6P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/23/2021 16:15 EST2,890P  3.76P  0.00P  179P  13.4P  8.6P  2.2P  5.3P  
12/23/2021 16:30 EST2,890P  3.76P  0.00P  179P  13.4P  8.6P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 16:45 EST2,890P  3.76P  0.00P  179P  13.4P  8.6P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 17:00 EST2,890P  3.76P  0.00P  179P  13.3P  8.5P  2.3P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 17:15 EST2,890P  3.76P  0.00P  179P  13.3P  8.5P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 17:30 EST2,890P  3.76P  0.00P  179P  13.2P  8.5P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 17:45 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  179P  13.2P  8.5P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 18:00 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  179P  13.2P  8.5P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 18:15 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  179P  13.2P  8.5P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 18:30 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  179P  13.1P  8.5P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 18:45 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  179P  13.1P  8.5P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 19:00 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  179P  13.1P  8.4P  2.1P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 19:15 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  179P  13.0P  8.4P  2.2P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 19:30 EST2,870P  3.74P  0.00P  179P  13.0P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 19:45 EST2,870P  3.74P  0.00P  179P  13.0P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 20:00 EST2,860P  3.73P  0.00P  179P  13.0P  8.4P  2.2P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 20:15 EST2,860P  3.73P  0.00P  179P  13.0P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 20:30 EST2,860P  3.73P  0.00P  179P  12.9P  8.4P  2.0P  5.1P  
12/23/2021 20:45 EST2,850P  3.72P  0.00P  179P  12.9P  8.4P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 21:00 EST2,830P  3.71P  0.00P  179P  12.9P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 21:15 EST2,820P  3.70P  0.00P  179P  12.9P  8.4P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 21:30 EST2,810P  3.69P  0.00P  179P  12.8P  8.4P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 21:45 EST2,800P  3.68P  0.00P  180P  12.8P  8.4P  2.3P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 22:00 EST2,790P  3.67P  0.00P  180P  12.8P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 22:15 EST2,790P  3.67P  0.00P  180P  12.8P  8.4P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 22:30 EST2,770P  3.65P  0.00P  180P  12.8P  8.4P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 22:45 EST2,750P  3.64P  0.00P  180P  12.8P  8.4P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 23:00 EST2,740P  3.63P  0.00P  180P  12.7P  8.4P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 23:15 EST2,730P  3.62P  0.00P  180P  12.7P  8.4P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 23:30 EST2,720P  3.61P  0.00P  180P  12.7P  8.4P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/23/2021 23:45 EST2,710P  3.60P  0.00P  180P  12.7P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 00:00 EST2,700P  3.59P  0.00P  180P  12.7P  8.4P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 00:15 EST2,690P  3.58P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.4P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 00:30 EST2,680P  3.57P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.4P  3.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 00:45 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.4P  2.3P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 01:00 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 01:15 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 01:30 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 01:45 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.3P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 02:00 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 02:15 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 02:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 02:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 03:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  3.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 03:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 03:30 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 03:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 04:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 04:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.3P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 04:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 04:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 05:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 05:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 05:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 05:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 06:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 06:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 06:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 06:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 07:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 07:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.4P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 07:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 07:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 08:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.3P  8.2P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 08:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  1.9P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 08:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 08:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 09:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 09:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 09:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.2P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 09:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 10:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.2P  2.1P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 10:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.3P  2.2P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 10:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.7P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 10:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.8P  8.3P  2.0P  5.2P  
12/24/2021 11:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.8P  8.3P  2.0P  5.3P  
12/24/2021 11:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  12.9P  8.4P  2.2P  5.3P  
12/24/2021 11:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.0P  8.4P  2.1P  5.4P  
12/24/2021 11:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.0P  8.4P  2.0P  5.4P  
12/24/2021 12:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.1P  8.4P  2.1P  5.4P  
12/24/2021 12:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.1P  8.4P  1.9P  5.4P  
12/24/2021 12:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.2P  8.5P  2.0P  5.4P  
12/24/2021 12:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.2P  8.5P  2.1P  5.5P  
12/24/2021 13:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.3P  8.5P  2.0P  5.5P  
12/24/2021 13:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.3P  8.6P  1.9P  5.6P  
12/24/2021 13:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.4P  8.6P  1.9P  5.6P  
12/24/2021 13:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.4P  8.6P  2.1P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 14:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.6P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 14:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.6P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 14:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.6P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 14:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.7P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 15:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.6P  8.7P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 15:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.6P  8.7P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 15:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.6P  8.7P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 15:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.7P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 16:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.7P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 16:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.7P  1.8P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 16:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  180P  13.5P  8.7P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 16:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  180P  13.4P  8.7P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 17:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  181P  13.4P  8.7P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 17:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  181P  13.4P  8.7P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 17:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  181P  13.3P  8.6P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 17:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  181P  13.3P  8.6P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 18:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  181P  13.2P  8.6P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 18:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  13.2P  8.6P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 18:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  13.2P  8.6P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 18:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  13.1P  8.6P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 19:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  13.1P  8.6P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 19:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  13.0P  8.6P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 19:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  13.0P  8.6P  2.0P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 19:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  13.0P  8.5P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 20:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  13.0P  8.5P  1.8P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 20:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  12.9P  8.5P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 20:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  12.9P  8.5P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 20:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.8P  8.5P  2.1P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 21:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  12.8P  8.5P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 21:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  12.8P  8.5P  1.9P  5.7P  
12/24/2021 21:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.8P  8.5P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 21:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  12.7P  8.5P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 22:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.7P  8.4P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 22:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  182P  12.7P  8.4P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 22:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 22:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 23:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.6P  8.4P  1.8P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 23:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.6P  8.4P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 23:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.6P  8.4P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/24/2021 23:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.5P  8.4P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 00:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.5P  8.4P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 00:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.5P  8.4P  1.9P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 00:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.5P  8.4P  1.8P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 00:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.4P  8.4P  1.8P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 01:00 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  182P  12.4P  8.4P  2.2P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 01:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 01:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  2.0P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 01:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  1.8P  5.8P  
12/25/2021 02:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.9P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 02:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  2.0P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 02:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.9P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 02:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.9P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 03:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.8P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 03:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.4P  1.9P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 03:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 03:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 04:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  2.0P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 04:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 04:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  2.0P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 04:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 05:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.9P  5.9P  
12/25/2021 05:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  2.0P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 05:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.8P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 05:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  2.0P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 06:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.9P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 06:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.8P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 06:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.3P  2.0P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 06:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.3P  1.9P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 07:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.3P  1.9P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 07:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.3P  2.0P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 07:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.2P  1.8P  6.0P  
12/25/2021 07:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.2P  1.7P  6.1P  
12/25/2021 08:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.2P  1.7P  6.1P  
12/25/2021 08:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.2P  1.8P  6.1P  
12/25/2021 08:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.2P  1.9P  6.1P  
12/25/2021 08:45 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.2P  1.8P  6.1P  
12/25/2021 09:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.2P  1.7P  6.1P  
12/25/2021 09:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.3P  1.8P  6.2P  
12/25/2021 09:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.8P  6.2P  
12/25/2021 09:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.7P  6.2P  
12/25/2021 10:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.8P  6.2P  
12/25/2021 10:15 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.8P  6.2P  
12/25/2021 10:30 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.9P  6.2P  
12/25/2021 10:45 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.3P  1.8P  6.3P  
12/25/2021 11:00 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.7P  6.3P  
12/25/2021 11:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  6.3P  
12/25/2021 11:30 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  6.3P  
12/25/2021 11:45 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.7P  6.3P  
12/25/2021 12:00 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.7P  6.4P  
12/25/2021 12:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  6.4P  
12/25/2021 12:30 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.6P  6.4P  
12/25/2021 12:45 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.3P  1.8P  6.4P  
12/25/2021 13:00 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.4P  1.9P  6.4P  
12/25/2021 13:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.8P  6.5P  
12/25/2021 13:30 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.8P  6.5P  
12/25/2021 13:45 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.8P  6.5P  
12/25/2021 14:00 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.4P  1.8P  6.5P  
12/25/2021 14:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  1.6P  6.5P  
12/25/2021 14:30 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  1.6P  6.6P  
12/25/2021 14:45 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  1.6P  6.6P  
12/25/2021 15:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  1.7P  6.6P  
12/25/2021 15:15 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  1.6P  6.6P  
12/25/2021 15:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.5P  1.8P  6.6P  
12/25/2021 15:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.5P  1.6P  6.6P  
12/25/2021 16:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.5P  1.6P  6.7P  
12/25/2021 16:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.5P  1.7P  6.7P  
12/25/2021 16:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  181P  12.4P  8.4P  1.6P  6.7P  
12/25/2021 16:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.4P  8.4P  1.6P  6.7P  
12/25/2021 17:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.4P  8.4P  1.7P  6.7P  
12/25/2021 17:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.4P  8.4P  1.6P  6.7P  
12/25/2021 17:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.3P  8.4P  1.6P  6.7P  
12/25/2021 17:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.3P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 18:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.3P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 18:15 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.00P  182P  12.3P  8.4P  1.5P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 18:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.3P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 18:45 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 19:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 19:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 19:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 19:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 20:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.4P  1.5P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 20:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.4P  1.5P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 20:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 20:45 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.4P  1.5P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 21:00 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.4P  1.6P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 21:15 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.01P  182P  12.1P  8.4P  1.5P  6.8P  
12/25/2021 21:30 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.10P  182P  12.0P  8.3P  1.6P  6.9P  
12/25/2021 21:45 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.03P  182P  12.0P  8.3P  1.6P  6.9P  
12/25/2021 22:00 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.02P  182P  12.0P  8.3P  1.6P  6.9P  
12/25/2021 22:15 EST2,540P  3.45P  0.01P  182P  12.0P  8.3P  1.5P  6.9P  
12/25/2021 22:30 EST2,540P  3.45P  0.01P  182P  12.0P  8.3P  1.8P  6.9P  
12/25/2021 22:45 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.00P  182P  12.0P  8.3P  1.4P  7.0P  
12/25/2021 23:00 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.02P  182P  12.0P  8.3P  1.5P  7.0P  
12/25/2021 23:15 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.3P  1.6P  7.0P  
12/25/2021 23:30 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.3P  1.5P  7.0P  
12/25/2021 23:45 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.3P  1.5P  7.0P  
12/26/2021 00:00 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.3P  1.4P  7.0P  
12/26/2021 00:15 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.3P  1.5P  7.0P  
12/26/2021 00:30 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.3P  1.6P  7.0P  
12/26/2021 00:45 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.01P  182P  11.9P  8.3P  1.5P  7.0P  
12/26/2021 01:00 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.4P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 01:15 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.6P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 01:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.5P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 01:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.5P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 02:00 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.7P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 02:15 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.5P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 02:30 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.5P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 02:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.6P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 03:00 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.4P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 03:15 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.6P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 03:30 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.3P  1.5P  7.1P  
12/26/2021 03:45 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.3P  1.4P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 04:00 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.3P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 04:15 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.3P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 04:30 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.3P  1.4P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 04:45 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.3P  1.4P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 05:00 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.3P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 05:15 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.3P  1.8P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 05:30 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 05:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 06:00 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 06:15 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 06:30 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 06:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 07:00 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 07:15 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 07:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 07:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 08:00 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.2P  
12/26/2021 08:15 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.6P  7.3P  
12/26/2021 08:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.3P  
12/26/2021 08:45 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.3P  
12/26/2021 09:00 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  7.3P  
12/26/2021 09:15 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.6P  8.2P  1.6P  7.3P  
12/26/2021 09:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.7P  8.2P  1.4P  7.3P  
12/26/2021 09:45 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.7P  8.2P  1.6P  7.4P  
12/26/2021 10:00 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.8P  8.3P  1.6P  7.4P  
12/26/2021 10:15 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.8P  8.3P  1.4P  7.4P  
12/26/2021 10:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.8P  8.3P  1.5P  7.4P  
12/26/2021 10:45 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.9P  8.3P  1.4P  7.4P  
12/26/2021 11:00 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  11.9P  8.3P  1.5P  7.5P  
12/26/2021 11:15 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  12.0P  8.4P  1.4P  7.5P  
12/26/2021 11:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  7.5P  
12/26/2021 11:45 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.4P  1.4P  7.6P  
12/26/2021 12:00 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  12.2P  8.4P  1.5P  7.6P  
12/26/2021 12:15 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.5P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/26/2021 12:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  181P  12.3P  8.5P  1.9P  7.7P  
12/26/2021 12:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.5P  1.5P  7.8P  
12/26/2021 13:00 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.5P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/26/2021 13:15 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.4P  8.6P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/26/2021 13:30 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.6P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/26/2021 13:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.5P  8.6P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/26/2021 14:00 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.6P  1.6P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 14:15 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.6P  1.6P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 14:30 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.7P  1.5P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 14:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  180P  12.6P  8.7P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 15:00 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  181P  12.7P  8.7P  1.5P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 15:15 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  181P  12.7P  8.7P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 15:30 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  181P  12.7P  8.7P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 15:45 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  181P  12.7P  8.7P  1.4P  8.1P  
12/26/2021 16:00 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  181P  12.7P  8.7P  1.4P  8.1P  
12/26/2021 16:15 EST2,460P  3.37P  0.00P  181P  12.7P  8.7P  1.4P  8.1P  
12/26/2021 16:30 EST2,460P  3.37P  0.00P  181P  12.7P  8.7P  1.3P  8.1P  
12/26/2021 16:45 EST2,460P  3.37P  0.00P  181P  12.6P  8.7P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 17:00 EST2,460P  3.37P  0.00P  181P  12.6P  8.7P  1.7P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 17:15 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  181P  12.6P  8.7P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 17:30 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  181P  12.5P  8.7P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 17:45 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  182P  12.5P  8.7P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 18:00 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  182P  12.5P  8.7P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 18:15 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.4P  8.6P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 18:30 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  182P  12.4P  8.6P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 18:45 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  182P  12.3P  8.6P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 19:00 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  182P  12.3P  8.6P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 19:15 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.6P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 19:30 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.6P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 19:45 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.6P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 20:00 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.2P  8.6P  1.5P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 20:15 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.6P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 20:30 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.6P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 20:45 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.5P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 21:00 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.1P  8.5P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 21:15 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  182P  12.0P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 21:30 EST2,420P  3.34P  0.00P  182P  12.0P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 21:45 EST2,420P  3.34P  0.00P  182P  12.0P  8.5P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 22:00 EST2,420P  3.34P  0.00P  182P  12.0P  8.5P  1.5P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 22:15 EST2,410P  3.33P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 22:30 EST2,410P  3.33P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 22:45 EST2,400P  3.32P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 23:00 EST2,400P  3.32P  0.00P  182P  11.9P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 23:15 EST2,390P  3.31P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 23:30 EST2,390P  3.31P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/26/2021 23:45 EST2,380P  3.30P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.4P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 00:00 EST2,380P  3.30P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 00:15 EST2,370P  3.29P  0.00P  182P  11.8P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 00:30 EST2,370P  3.29P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 00:45 EST2,370P  3.29P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 01:00 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 01:15 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.4P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 01:30 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  182P  11.7P  8.4P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 01:45 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 02:00 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 02:15 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 02:30 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 02:45 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 03:00 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 03:15 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 03:30 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 03:45 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  182P  11.6P  8.3P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 04:00 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 04:15 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 04:30 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 04:45 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 05:00 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 05:15 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 05:30 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 05:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  182P  11.5P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 06:00 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  182P  11.4P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 06:15 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  182P  11.4P  8.3P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 06:30 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  182P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 06:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  182P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 07:00 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 07:15 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 07:30 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 07:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 08:00 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 08:15 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 08:30 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 08:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 09:00 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 09:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.7P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 09:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 09:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  181P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 10:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  181P  11.5P  8.2P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 10:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  181P  11.5P  8.2P  1.5P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 10:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  181P  11.5P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 10:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  181P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 11:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 11:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 11:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 11:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.7P  8.2P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 12:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.8P  8.3P  1.6P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 12:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.8P  8.3P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 12:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.8P  8.3P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 12:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.9P  8.3P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 13:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  11.9P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 13:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.0P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 13:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.0P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 13:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.1P  8.4P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 14:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 14:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 14:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 14:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 15:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.4P  1.5P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 15:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 15:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 15:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.5P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 16:00 EST2,290P  3.21P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.5P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 16:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 16:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.5P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 16:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  12.2P  8.5P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 17:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.2P  8.5P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 17:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.2P  8.5P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 17:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.2P  8.5P  2.8P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 17:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.2P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/27/2021 18:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 18:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 18:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 18:45 EST2,290P  3.21P  0.00P  179P  12.0P  8.4P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 19:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.0P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 19:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.0P  8.4P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 19:30 EST2,290P  3.21P  0.00P  179P  12.0P  8.4P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 19:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  12.0P  8.4P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 20:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.9P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 20:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.9P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 20:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.9P  8.3P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 20:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.9P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/27/2021 21:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.3P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 21:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.3P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 21:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.3P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 21:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.3P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 22:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  180P  11.7P  8.3P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 22:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.3P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 22:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 22:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 23:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 23:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 23:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/27/2021 23:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 00:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 00:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  180P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 00:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.01P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 00:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 01:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.03P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 01:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.07P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 01:30 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.01P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 01:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 02:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 02:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 02:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.4P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 02:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 03:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 03:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.01P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.4P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 03:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 03:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 04:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 04:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 04:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.4P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 04:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 05:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.1P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 05:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 05:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.5P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 05:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 06:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 06:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 06:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 06:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 07:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 07:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 07:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 07:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.5P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 08:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 08:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 08:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 08:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.4P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 09:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 09:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 09:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 09:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 10:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 10:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.1P  1.2P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 10:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 10:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 11:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 11:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.1P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 11:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.2P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 11:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.2P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 12:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.2P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 12:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.2P  1.3P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 12:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.2P  1.2P  7.6P  
12/28/2021 12:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.2P  1.4P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 13:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.0P  8.2P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 13:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.0P  8.3P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 13:30 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  177P  12.1P  8.3P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 13:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  177P  12.1P  8.3P  1.2P  7.7P  
12/28/2021 14:00 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.4P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 14:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.4P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 14:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.4P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 14:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 15:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 15:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 15:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 15:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 16:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 16:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 16:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.4P  8.5P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 16:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.5P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 17:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.5P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 17:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.3P  8.5P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 17:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.5P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 17:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.5P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 18:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.2P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 18:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 18:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 18:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 19:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  177P  12.0P  8.4P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 19:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  177P  12.0P  8.4P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 19:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.4P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 19:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.4P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 20:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.4P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 20:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.4P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 20:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.3P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 20:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 21:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 21:15 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.3P  1.2P  7.9P  
12/28/2021 21:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.3P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 21:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.3P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 22:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.3P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 22:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.3P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 22:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 22:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 23:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  2.0P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 23:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 23:30 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/28/2021 23:45 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 00:00 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 00:15 EST2,300P  3.22P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 00:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 00:45 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 01:00 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 01:15 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.05P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 01:30 EST2,310P  3.23P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 01:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 02:00 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.02P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 02:15 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.01P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 02:30 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.01P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 02:45 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 03:00 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.01P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 03:15 EST2,320P  3.24P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 03:30 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.01P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 03:45 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 04:00 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 04:15 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 04:30 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 04:45 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 05:00 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 05:15 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 05:30 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 05:45 EST2,330P  3.25P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 06:00 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 06:15 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 06:30 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.01P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 06:45 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 07:00 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 07:15 EST2,340P  3.26P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 07:30 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 07:45 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.4P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 08:00 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.4P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 08:15 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 08:30 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 08:45 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.4P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 09:00 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 09:15 EST2,350P  3.27P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 09:30 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.7P  
12/29/2021 09:45 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.1P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 10:00 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.1P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 10:15 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.1P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 10:30 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.1P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 10:45 EST2,360P  3.28P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 11:00 EST2,370P  3.29P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 11:15 EST2,370P  3.29P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.2P  1.6P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 11:30 EST2,370P  3.29P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.2P  1.4P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 11:45 EST2,380P  3.30P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.2P  1.3P  7.8P  
12/29/2021 12:00 EST2,380P  3.30P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.2P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/29/2021 12:15 EST2,390P  3.31P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.2P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/29/2021 12:30 EST2,390P  3.31P  0.01P  178P  11.9P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/29/2021 12:45 EST2,400P  3.32P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.3P  1.4P  7.9P  
12/29/2021 13:00 EST2,400P  3.32P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.3P  1.3P  7.9P  
12/29/2021 13:15 EST2,410P  3.33P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.3P  1.2P  8.0P  
12/29/2021 13:30 EST2,420P  3.34P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.3P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/29/2021 13:45 EST2,420P  3.34P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.3P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/29/2021 14:00 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/29/2021 14:15 EST2,430P  3.35P  0.00P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/29/2021 14:30 EST2,450P  3.36P  0.00P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  8.0P  
12/29/2021 14:45 EST2,460P  3.37P  0.00P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.4P  8.0P  
12/29/2021 15:00 EST2,460P  3.37P  0.00P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  8.1P  
12/29/2021 15:15 EST2,460P  3.37P  0.00P  178P  12.2P  8.4P  1.2P  8.1P  
12/29/2021 15:30 EST2,470P  3.38P  0.00P  178P  12.2P  8.4P  1.3P  8.1P  
12/29/2021 15:45 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  8.1P  
12/29/2021 16:00 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.01P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  8.1P  
12/29/2021 16:15 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.00P  178P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  8.1P  
12/29/2021 16:30 EST2,480P  3.39P  0.01P  177P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  8.1P  
12/29/2021 16:45 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  177P  12.1P  8.4P  1.2P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 17:00 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  177P  12.1P  8.4P  1.3P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 17:15 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  177P  12.0P  8.4P  1.2P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 17:30 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  177P  12.0P  8.4P  1.5P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 17:45 EST2,490P  3.40P  0.00P  177P  12.0P  8.4P  1.4P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 18:00 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.9P  8.4P  1.5P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 18:15 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.9P  8.4P  1.2P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 18:30 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.9P  8.4P  1.3P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 18:45 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.8P  8.4P  1.4P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 19:00 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.8P  8.3P  1.4P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 19:15 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.8P  8.3P  1.3P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 19:30 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.8P  8.3P  1.3P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 19:45 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.8P  8.3P  1.3P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 20:00 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.7P  8.3P  1.4P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 20:15 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.7P  8.3P  1.2P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 20:30 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.7P  8.3P  1.3P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 20:45 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.6P  8.3P  1.2P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 21:00 EST2,500P  3.41P  0.00P  177P  11.6P  8.3P  1.2P  8.2P  
12/29/2021 21:15 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  177P  11.6P  8.3P  1.3P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 21:30 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  177P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 21:45 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  177P  11.6P  8.2P  1.2P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 22:00 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.01P  177P  11.6P  8.2P  1.3P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 22:15 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  177P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 22:30 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  177P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 22:45 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  177P  11.5P  8.2P  1.4P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 23:00 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.00P  177P  11.5P  8.2P  1.3P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 23:15 EST2,510P  3.42P  0.01P  177P  11.5P  8.2P  1.2P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 23:30 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.06P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.2P  8.3P  
12/29/2021 23:45 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.05P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.2P  8.3P  
12/30/2021 00:00 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.01P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.2P  8.3P  
12/30/2021 00:15 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.01P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 00:30 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.01P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 00:45 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.00P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.3P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 01:00 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.00P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.2P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 01:15 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.2P  1.4P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 01:30 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.2P  1.4P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 01:45 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.2P  1.3P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 02:00 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.2P  1.3P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 02:15 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.2P  1.3P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 02:30 EST2,520P  3.43P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.2P  1.5P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 02:45 EST2,530P  3.44P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.2P  1.5P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 03:00 EST2,540P  3.45P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.3P  8.4P  
12/30/2021 03:15 EST2,540P  3.45P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.4P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 03:30 EST2,540P  3.45P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.3P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 03:45 EST2,540P  3.45P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.3P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 04:00 EST2,540P  3.45P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.3P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 04:15 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.4P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 04:30 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.4P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 04:45 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.4P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 05:00 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.4P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 05:15 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.1P  1.3P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 05:30 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 05:45 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.5P  8.5P  
12/30/2021 06:00 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 06:15 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 06:30 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 06:45 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 07:00 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.6P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 07:15 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.6P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 07:30 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 07:45 EST2,550P  3.46P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 08:00 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.5P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 08:15 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.01P  178P  11.1P  8.1P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 08:30 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.0P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 08:45 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.0P  1.5P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 09:00 EST2,560P  3.47P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.0P  1.6P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 09:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.0P  1.4P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 09:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.1P  1.5P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 09:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.1P  1.5P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 10:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.1P  1.6P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 10:15 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.2P  8.1P  1.5P  8.6P  
12/30/2021 10:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.2P  8.1P  1.6P  8.7P  
12/30/2021 10:45 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.1P  1.5P  8.7P  
12/30/2021 11:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.1P  1.5P  8.7P  
12/30/2021 11:15 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.1P  1.4P  8.7P  
12/30/2021 11:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  177P  11.4P  8.2P  1.7P  8.7P  
12/30/2021 11:45 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.2P  1.8P  8.7P  
12/30/2021 12:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.4P  8.8P  
12/30/2021 12:15 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  177P  11.5P  8.2P  1.6P  8.8P  
12/30/2021 12:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  177P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  8.8P  
12/30/2021 12:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  177P  11.6P  8.2P  1.5P  8.8P  
12/30/2021 13:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.3P  1.5P  8.8P  
12/30/2021 13:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.3P  1.5P  8.8P  
12/30/2021 13:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.3P  1.5P  8.9P  
12/30/2021 13:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.3P  1.4P  8.9P  
12/30/2021 14:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.3P  1.5P  8.9P  
12/30/2021 14:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  2.4P  8.9P  
12/30/2021 14:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.4P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 14:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.4P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 15:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.4P  1.4P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 15:15 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.4P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 15:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.4P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 15:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.4P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 16:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.5P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 16:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.5P  1.7P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 16:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.5P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 16:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.5P  1.5P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 17:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  12.0P  8.5P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 17:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.5P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 17:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.5P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 17:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.9P  8.4P  1.5P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 18:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.5P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 18:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.5P  9.1P  
12/30/2021 18:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 18:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.4P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 19:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.4P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 19:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.4P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 19:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.4P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 19:45 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.3P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 20:00 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.3P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 20:15 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.3P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 20:30 EST2,580P  3.48P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.3P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 20:45 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.3P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 21:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.3P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 21:15 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.3P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 21:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.3P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 21:45 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.3P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 22:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 22:15 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.2P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 22:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.4P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 22:45 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 23:00 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 23:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 23:30 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/30/2021 23:45 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 00:00 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 00:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.3P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 00:30 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.8P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 00:45 EST2,590P  3.49P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 01:00 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 01:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.7P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 01:30 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 01:45 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 02:00 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.9P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 02:15 EST2,600P  3.50P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.7P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 02:30 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  179P  11.2P  8.2P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 02:45 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.2P  1.7P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 03:00 EST2,610P  3.51P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 03:15 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 03:30 EST2,620P  3.52P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 03:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 04:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.2P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 04:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 04:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 04:45 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  179P  11.1P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 05:00 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 05:15 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 05:30 EST2,630P  3.53P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 05:45 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 06:00 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 06:15 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 06:30 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 06:45 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.5P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 07:00 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 07:15 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 07:30 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 07:45 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 08:00 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 08:15 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.0P  8.1P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 08:30 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 08:45 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 09:00 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 09:15 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.0P  8.1P  2.2P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 09:30 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.1P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 09:45 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.1P  8.1P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 10:00 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.2P  8.1P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 10:15 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.2P  8.1P  1.8P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 10:30 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.3P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 10:45 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.2P  1.6P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 11:00 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.4P  8.2P  1.7P  9.0P  
12/31/2021 11:15 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.8P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 11:30 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.8P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 11:45 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.5P  8.2P  1.9P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 12:00 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.3P  1.8P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 12:15 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.3P  1.6P  9.1P  
12/31/2021 12:30 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  178P  11.6P  8.3P  1.8P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 12:45 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.3P  1.7P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 13:00 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.3P  1.8P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 13:15 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.3P  2.3P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 13:30 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.3P  1.9P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 13:45 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.4P  1.7P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 14:00 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  178P  11.7P  8.4P  1.7P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 14:15 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.8P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 14:30 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.6P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 14:45 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.8P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 15:00 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 15:15 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 15:30 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  178P  11.8P  8.4P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 15:45 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 16:00 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.4P  1.6P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 16:15 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.4P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 16:30 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 16:45 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.4P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 17:00 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 17:15 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.8P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 17:30 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.00P  179P  11.7P  8.4P  1.6P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 17:45 EST2,640P  3.54P  0.01P  179P  11.7P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 18:00 EST2,650P  3.55P  0.12P  179P  11.6P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 18:15 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.05P  179P  11.6P  8.4P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 18:30 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.01P  179P  11.6P  8.3P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 18:45 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  179P  11.6P  8.3P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 19:00 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.3P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 19:15 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  179P  11.5P  8.3P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 19:30 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.01P  179P  11.5P  8.3P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 19:45 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.3P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 20:00 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.3P  1.9P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 20:15 EST2,660P  3.56P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.3P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 20:30 EST2,680P  3.57P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.3P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 20:45 EST2,690P  3.58P  0.00P  180P  11.4P  8.2P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 21:00 EST2,690P  3.58P  0.00P  180P  11.3P  8.2P  2.0P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 21:15 EST2,700P  3.59P  0.00P  180P  11.3P  8.2P  1.7P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 21:30 EST2,720P  3.61P  0.00P  180P  11.3P  8.2P  1.7P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 21:45 EST2,730P  3.62P  0.00P  180P  11.3P  8.2P  1.8P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 22:00 EST2,740P  3.63P  0.00P  180P  11.2P  8.2P  1.7P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 22:15 EST2,770P  3.65P  0.00P  180P  11.2P  8.2P  1.7P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 22:30 EST2,780P  3.66P  0.00P  180P  11.2P  8.2P  2.0P  9.2P  
12/31/2021 22:45 EST2,800P  3.68P  0.00P  180P  11.2P  8.2P  1.7P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 23:00 EST2,810P  3.69P  0.00P  180P  11.2P  8.2P  2.0P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 23:15 EST2,830P  3.71P  0.00P  180P  11.2P  8.2P  1.6P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 23:30 EST2,860P  3.73P  0.00P  180P  11.2P  8.2P  1.8P  9.3P  
12/31/2021 23:45 EST2,880P  3.75P  0.00P  180P  11.1P  8.2P  1.7P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 00:00 EST2,890P  3.76P  0.00P  180P  11.1P  8.2P  1.7P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 00:15 EST2,900P  3.77P  0.00P  180P  11.1P  8.2P  1.8P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 00:30 EST2,930P  3.79P  0.00P  180P  11.1P  8.2P  1.7P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 00:45 EST2,940P  3.80P  0.00P  180P  11.1P  8.2P  1.9P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 01:00 EST2,950P  3.81P  0.00P  180P  11.1P  8.2P  1.9P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 01:15 EST2,970P  3.83P  0.00P  180P  11.1P  8.2P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 01:30 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.2P  1.8P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 01:45 EST2,990P  3.84P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.2P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 02:00 EST3,000P  3.85P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.2P  1.9P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 02:15 EST3,010P  3.86P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  1.9P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 02:30 EST3,010P  3.86P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  1.9P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 02:45 EST3,020P  3.87P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 03:00 EST3,020P  3.87P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 03:15 EST3,020P  3.87P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  2.1P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 03:30 EST3,030P  3.88P  0.00P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 03:45 EST3,030P  3.88P  0.01P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  2.1P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 04:00 EST3,030P  3.88P  0.03P  180P  11.0P  8.1P  1.9P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 04:15 EST3,030P  3.88P  0.03P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.7P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 04:30 EST3,030P  3.88P  0.02P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 04:45 EST3,030P  3.88P  0.02P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 05:00 EST3,050P  3.89P  0.02P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  1.9P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 05:15 EST3,050P  3.89P  0.01P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 05:30 EST3,050P  3.89P  0.04P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.0P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 05:45 EST3,060P  3.90P  0.03P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.4P  9.3P  
01/01/2022 06:00 EST3,060P  3.90P  0.02P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.0P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 06:15 EST3,060P  3.90P  0.03P  180P  10.9P  8.1P  2.2P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 06:30 EST3,070P  3.91P  0.03P  179P  10.9P  8.1P  3.0P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 06:45 EST3,080P  3.92P  0.02P  179P  10.9P  8.0P  2.0P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 07:00 EST3,070P  3.91P  0.03P  179P  10.8P  8.0P  2.1P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 07:15 EST3,080P  3.92P  0.05P  179P  10.8P  8.0P  2.0P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 07:30 EST3,090P  3.93P  0.14P  179P  10.8P  8.0P  2.0P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 07:45 EST3,120P  3.95P  0.11P  178P  10.8P  8.0P  3.1P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 08:00 EST3,130P  3.96P  0.07P  178P  10.8P  8.0P  2.8P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 08:15 EST3,140P  3.97P  0.06P  178P  10.8P  8.0P  2.5P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 08:30 EST3,150P  3.98P  0.04P  178P  10.8P  8.0P  2.3P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 08:45 EST3,180P  4.00P  0.02P  178P  10.8P  8.0P  2.6P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 09:00 EST3,190P  4.01P  0.05P  178P  10.8P  8.0P  2.4P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 09:15 EST3,210P  4.03P  0.05P  177P  10.8P  8.0P  2.4P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 09:30 EST3,240P  4.05P  0.01P  177P  10.8P  8.0P  2.6P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 09:45 EST3,250P  4.06P  0.01P  177P  10.8P  8.0P  2.9P  9.4P  
01/01/2022 10:00 EST3,290P  4.09P  0.01P  177P  10.8P  8.0P  4.3P  9.5P  
01/01/2022 10:15 EST3,330P  4.12P  0.00P  177P  10.8P  8.0P  3.8P  9.5P  
01/01/2022 10:30 EST3,360P  4.15P  0.00P  176P  10.8P  8.0P  3.8P  9.5P  
01/01/2022 10:45 EST3,390P  4.17P  0.00P  176P  10.9P  8.0P  3.9P  9.5P  
01/01/2022 11:00 EST3,430P  4.20P  0.01P  176P  10.9P  8.0P  3.5P  9.5P  
01/01/2022 11:15 EST3,480P  4.24P  0.00P  176P  11.0P  8.1P  3.1P  9.6P  
01/01/2022 11:30 EST3,550P  4.30P  0.00P  176P  11.0P  8.1P  2.6P  9.6P  
01/01/2022 11:45 EST3,680P  4.40P  0.00P  176P  11.0P  8.1P  2.9P  9.6P  
01/01/2022 12:00 EST3,880P  4.55P  0.00P  176P  11.1P  8.1P  2.6P  9.6P  
01/01/2022 12:15 EST4,150P  4.74P  0.00P  176P  11.2P  8.1P  2.8P  9.6P  
01/01/2022 12:30 EST4,440P  4.95P  0.00P  176P  11.2P  8.2P  3.3P  9.7P  
01/01/2022 12:45 EST4,740P  5.15P  0.00P  176P  11.2P  8.2P  3.5P  9.7P  
01/01/2022 13:00 EST5,020P  5.34P  0.00P  175P  11.2P  8.2P  3.5P  9.7P  
01/01/2022 13:15 EST5,270P  5.50P  0.00P  175P  11.3P  8.2P  4.4P  9.8P  
01/01/2022 13:30 EST5,490P  5.63P  0.00P  175P  11.3P  8.2P  3.6P  9.8P  
01/01/2022 13:45 EST5,690P  5.74P  0.00P  175P  11.3P  8.2P  5.1P  9.8P  
01/01/2022 14:00 EST5,870P  5.84P  0.00P  175P  11.3P  8.2P  5.2P  9.8P  
01/01/2022 14:15 EST6,060P  5.94P  0.00P  175P  11.3P  8.2P  6.4P  9.8P  
01/01/2022 14:30 EST6,230P  6.03P  0.00P  175P  11.3P  8.2P  7.4P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 14:45 EST6,390P  6.11P  0.00P  174P  11.3P  8.2P  6.3P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 15:00 EST6,550P  6.19P  0.00P  174P  11.2P  8.2P  8.0P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 15:15 EST6,690P  6.26P  0.00P  174P  11.2P  8.2P  6.0P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 15:30 EST6,830P  6.33P  0.00P  174P  11.2P  8.2P  9.2P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 15:45 EST6,980P  6.40P  0.00P  173P  11.2P  8.2P  8.6P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 16:00 EST7,170P  6.49P  0.00P  173P  11.1P  8.1P  11.1P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 16:15 EST7,390P  6.59P  0.00P  173P  11.0P  8.1P  15.5P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 16:30 EST7,630P  6.70P  0.00P  172P  11.0P  8.1P  24.9P  9.9P  
01/01/2022 16:45 EST7,920P  6.83P  0.00P  172P  10.9P  8.0P  35.1P  10.0P  
01/01/2022 17:00 EST8,270P  6.98P  0.00P  170P  10.8P  8.0P  68.8P  10.0P  
01/01/2022 17:15 EST8,600P  7.12P  0.00P  168P  10.7P  7.9P  72.7P  10.1P  
01/01/2022 17:30 EST8,990P  7.28P  0.00P  166P  10.6P  7.9P  71.3P  10.1P  
01/01/2022 17:45 EST9,350P  7.42P  0.00P  163P  10.6P  7.9P  73.6P  10.2P  
01/01/2022 18:00 EST9,680P  7.55P  0.00P  160P  10.6P  7.9P  154P  10.3P  
01/01/2022 18:15 EST9,950P  7.65P  0.04P  159P  10.6P  7.9P  93.3P  10.3P  
01/01/2022 18:30 EST10,200P  7.75P  0.07P  158P  10.5P  7.9P  81.0P  10.4P  
01/01/2022 18:45 EST10,400P  7.81P  0.01P  157P  10.5P  7.9P  83.4P  10.4P  
01/01/2022 19:00 EST10,500P  7.87P  0.06P  156P  10.5P  7.8P  94.0P  10.4P  
01/01/2022 19:15 EST10,700P  7.92P  0.03P  155P  10.5P  7.8P  81.2P  10.5P  
01/01/2022 19:30 EST10,700P  7.94P  0.01P  153P  10.4P  7.8P  80.2P  10.5P  
01/01/2022 19:45 EST10,800P  7.95P  0.00P  152P  10.4P  7.8P  117P  10.6P  
01/01/2022 20:00 EST10,800P  7.96P  0.05P  150P  10.4P  7.8P  122P  10.6P  
01/01/2022 20:15 EST10,800P  7.96P  0.01P  149P  10.4P  7.8P  83.5P  10.6P  
01/01/2022 20:30 EST10,800P  7.96P  0.06P  148P  10.4P  7.8P  97.3P  10.6P  
01/01/2022 20:45 EST10,800P  7.97P  0.08P  148P  10.4P  7.8P  90.5P  10.6P  
01/01/2022 21:00 EST10,800P  7.95P  0.08P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  76.5P  10.7P  
01/01/2022 21:15 EST10,800P  7.95P  0.05P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  85.1P  10.7P  
01/01/2022 21:30 EST10,800P  7.95P  0.04P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  66.4P  10.7P  
01/01/2022 21:45 EST10,700P  7.93P  0.01P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  89.0P  10.7P  
01/01/2022 22:00 EST10,700P  7.91P  0.01P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  75.8P  10.8P  
01/01/2022 22:15 EST10,600P  7.89P  0.01P  148P  10.4P  7.8P  71.6P  10.8P  
01/01/2022 22:30 EST10,600P  7.88P  0.01P  148P  10.4P  7.8P  90.6P  10.8P  
01/01/2022 22:45 EST10,500P  7.87P  0.02P  148P  10.4P  7.8P  63.2P  10.8P  
01/01/2022 23:00 EST10,500P  7.87P  0.02P  148P  10.4P  7.8P  65.5P  10.8P  
01/01/2022 23:15 EST10,600P  7.89P  0.03P  148P  10.4P  7.8P  58.1P  10.8P  
01/01/2022 23:30 EST10,700P  7.91P  0.02P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  70.8P  10.8P  
01/01/2022 23:45 EST10,800P  7.95P  0.08P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  73.5P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 00:00 EST10,900P  7.99P  0.03P  147P  10.4P  7.8P  46.7P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 00:15 EST11,000P  8.04P  0.03P  146P  10.4P  7.8P  72.4P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 00:30 EST11,200P  8.09P  0.01P  146P  10.4P  7.8P  57.6P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 00:45 EST11,300P  8.14P  0.06P  145P  10.4P  7.8P  71.2P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 01:00 EST11,500P  8.20P  0.07P  144P  10.4P  7.8P  68.5P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 01:15 EST11,700P  8.26P  0.05P  144P  10.4P  7.8P  55.6P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 01:30 EST11,900P  8.33P  0.01P  142P  10.4P  7.8P  75.9P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 01:45 EST12,100P  8.39P  0.01P  141P  10.4P  7.8P  58.6P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 02:00 EST12,200P  8.45P  0.00P  140P  10.4P  7.8P  82.0P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 02:15 EST12,500P  8.54P  0.01P  139P  10.4P  7.8P  67.2P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 02:30 EST12,700P  8.61P  0.00P  138P  10.4P  7.8P  91.0P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 02:45 EST13,000P  8.69P  0.00P  136P  10.4P  7.8P  109P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 03:00 EST13,300P  8.79P  0.01P  135P  10.4P  7.8P  102P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 03:15 EST13,700P  8.90P  0.01P  134P  10.4P  7.8P  116P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 03:30 EST14,100P  9.02P  0.01P  132P  10.4P  7.8P  95.0P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 03:45 EST14,600P  9.16P  0.00P  131P  10.4P  7.7P  93.9P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 04:00 EST15,000P  9.30P  0.01P  129P  10.4P  7.7P  101P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 04:15 EST15,500P  9.44P  0.00P  128P  10.4P  7.7P  101P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 04:30 EST16,100P  9.59P  0.00P  126P  10.4P  7.7P  107P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 04:45 EST16,700P  9.74P  0.00P  125P  10.4P  7.7P  106P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 05:00 EST17,300P  9.91P  0.00P  124P  10.3P  7.7P  84.8P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 05:15 EST17,900P  10.07P  0.00P  123P  10.4P  7.7P  99.8P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 05:30 EST18,600P  10.23P  0.00P  122P  10.4P  7.7P  100P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 05:45 EST19,300P  10.39P  0.00P  121P  10.4P  7.7P  100P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 06:00 EST19,900P  10.54P  0.00P  121P  10.3P  7.7P  113P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 06:15 EST20,400P  10.67P  0.00P  120P  10.3P  7.7P  118P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 06:30 EST20,900P  10.78P  0.00P  119P  10.3P  7.7P  120P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 06:45 EST21,300P  10.87P  0.00P  118P  10.3P  7.7P  110P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 07:00 EST21,700P  10.95P  0.00P  118P  10.3P  7.7P  146P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 07:15 EST22,000P  11.02P  0.00P  117P  10.3P  7.7P  139P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 07:30 EST22,300P  11.08P  0.00P  117P  10.3P  7.7P  133P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 07:45 EST22,400P  11.11P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  156P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 08:00 EST22,700P  11.17P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  159P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 08:15 EST22,900P  11.20P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  139P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 08:30 EST22,900P  11.22P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  150P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 08:45 EST23,000P  11.24P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  128P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 09:00 EST23,200P  11.27P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  119P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 09:15 EST23,200P  11.28P  0.01P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  142P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 09:30 EST23,200P  11.28P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  124P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 09:45 EST23,200P  11.28P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  129P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 10:00 EST23,200P  11.28P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  115P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 10:15 EST23,300P  11.29P  0.00P  116P  10.3P  7.7P  124P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 10:30 EST23,200P  11.28P  0.00P  115P  10.3P  7.7P  138P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 10:45 EST23,200P  11.27P  0.00P  115P  10.3P  7.7P  148P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 11:00 EST23,200P  11.28P  0.00P  115P  10.3P  7.7P  129P  11.2P  
01/02/2022 11:15 EST23,100P  11.26P  0.00P  114P  10.4P  7.7P  126P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 11:30 EST23,100P  11.26P  0.00P  114P  10.4P  7.7P  129P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 11:45 EST23,100P  11.26P  0.00P  114P  10.4P  7.7P  136P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 12:00 EST23,000P  11.24P  0.00P  113P  10.4P  7.7P  135P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 12:15 EST23,000P  11.24P  0.00P  113P  10.4P  7.7P  135P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 12:30 EST23,000P  11.24P  0.00P  112P  10.4P  7.6P  141P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 12:45 EST23,000P  11.24P  0.00P  112P  10.4P  7.6P  138P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 13:00 EST22,900P  11.22P  0.00P  112P  10.4P  7.6P  136P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 13:15 EST23,000P  11.23P  0.00P  112P  10.4P  7.6P  129P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 13:30 EST23,100P  11.26P  0.00P  112P  10.4P  7.6P  127P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 13:45 EST23,300P  11.30P  0.01P  112P  10.4P  7.7P  116P  11.1P  
01/02/2022 14:00 EST23,600P  11.35P  0.00P  113P  10.4P  7.7P  123P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 14:15 EST23,900P  11.41P  0.00P  113P  10.4P  7.7P  126P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 14:30 EST24,200P  11.49P  0.00P  114P  10.5P  7.7P  125P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 14:45 EST24,600P  11.57P  0.00P  114P  10.5P  7.7P  134P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 15:00 EST24,900P  11.63P  0.00P  115P  10.5P  7.7P  118P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 15:15 EST25,300P  11.70P  0.00P  115P  10.5P  7.7P  106P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 15:30 EST25,500P  11.75P  0.00P  116P  10.5P  7.7P  112P  11.0P  
01/02/2022 15:45 EST25,800P  11.80P  0.00P  117P  10.5P  7.7P  119P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 16:00 EST26,000P  11.84P  0.00P  117P  10.5P  7.7P  115P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 16:15 EST26,100P  11.86P  0.00P  118P  10.5P  7.7P  117P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 16:30 EST26,200P  11.87P  0.00P  119P  10.6P  7.7P  119P  10.9P  
01/02/2022 16:45 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  119P  10.6P  7.7P  108P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 17:00 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  120P  10.6P  7.7P  111P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 17:15 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  120P  10.6P  7.7P  107P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 17:30 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  121P  10.6P  7.7P  108P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 17:45 EST26,200P  11.88P  0.00P  122P  10.6P  7.7P  115P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 18:00 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  122P  10.6P  7.7P  111P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 18:15 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  122P  10.6P  7.7P  120P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 18:30 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  123P  10.6P  7.8P  116P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 18:45 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  123P  10.6P  7.7P  104P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 19:00 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  123P  10.6P  7.7P  123P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 19:15 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  124P  10.6P  7.7P  122P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 19:30 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  124P  10.6P  7.7P  93.1P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 19:45 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  124P  10.6P  7.7P  105P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 20:00 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  124P  10.6P  7.8P  108P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 20:15 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  125P  10.6P  7.7P  123P  10.8P  
01/02/2022 20:30 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  126P  10.6P  7.7P  101P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 20:45 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  126P  10.6P  7.8P  110P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 21:00 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  127P  10.6P  7.8P  120P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 21:15 EST26,400P  11.92P  0.00P  128P  10.6P  7.8P  106P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 21:30 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  129P  10.6P  7.8P  95.1P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 21:45 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  130P  10.6P  7.8P  103P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 22:00 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  130P  10.6P  7.8P  105P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 22:15 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  131P  10.6P  7.8P  101P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 22:30 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  132P  10.6P  7.8P  110P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 22:45 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  132P  10.7P  7.8P  101P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 23:00 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  133P  10.7P  7.8P  87.5P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 23:15 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  133P  10.7P  7.8P  99.7P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 23:30 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  134P  10.7P  7.8P  117P  10.7P  
01/02/2022 23:45 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.01P  134P  10.7P  7.8P  128P  10.6P  
01/03/2022 00:00 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.01P  134P  10.7P  7.8P  84.0P  10.6P  
01/03/2022 00:15 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.01P  135P  10.7P  7.8P  83.2P  10.6P  
01/03/2022 00:30 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.01P  135P  10.7P  7.8P  87.6P  10.6P  
01/03/2022 00:45 EST26,400P  11.92P  0.00P  136P  10.7P  7.8P  89.8P  10.6P  
01/03/2022 01:00 EST26,400P  11.92P  0.01P  136P  10.7P  7.8P  71.1P  10.6P  
01/03/2022 01:15 EST26,400P  11.92P  0.00P  136P  10.7P  7.8P  80.6P  10.5P  
01/03/2022 01:30 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.01P  137P  10.7P  7.8P  89.5P  10.5P  
01/03/2022 01:45 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  137P  10.8P  7.8P  68.5P  10.5P  
01/03/2022 02:00 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  138P  10.8P  7.8P  77.0P  10.5P  
01/03/2022 02:15 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  138P  10.8P  7.8P  79.1P  10.4P  
01/03/2022 02:30 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.01P  139P  10.8P  7.8P  77.6P  10.4P  
01/03/2022 02:45 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.01P  140P  10.8P  7.8P  71.8P  10.4P  
01/03/2022 03:00 EST26,400P  11.92P  0.01P  140P  10.8P  7.8P  73.4P  10.4P  
01/03/2022 03:15 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  141P  10.8P  7.8P  76.3P  10.3P  
01/03/2022 03:30 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.01P  142P  10.8P  7.8P  83.4P  10.3P  
01/03/2022 03:45 EST26,400P  11.91P  0.00P  142P  10.8P  7.8P  80.9P  10.3P  
01/03/2022 04:00 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  142P  10.8P  7.8P  79.9P  10.3P  
01/03/2022 04:15 EST26,200P  11.87P  0.00P  142P  10.8P  7.8P  79.8P  10.2P  
01/03/2022 04:30 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  142P  10.8P  7.8P  90.2P  10.2P  
01/03/2022 04:45 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.01P  142P  10.8P  7.8P  79.7P  10.2P  
01/03/2022 05:00 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  142P  10.8P  7.8P  71.2P  10.2P  
01/03/2022 05:15 EST26,300P  11.90P  0.00P  141P  10.8P  7.8P  74.4P  10.2P  
01/03/2022 05:30 EST26,200P  11.87P  0.00P  141P  10.8P  7.8P  77.4P  10.2P  
01/03/2022 05:45 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.01P  140P  10.8P  7.8P  82.2P  10.1P  
01/03/2022 06:00 EST26,200P  11.88P  0.00P  139P  10.8P  7.8P  102P  10.1P  
01/03/2022 06:15 EST26,200P  11.88P  0.01P  138P  10.9P  7.8P  74.3P  10.1P  
01/03/2022 06:30 EST26,300P  11.89P  0.00P  138P  10.9P  7.8P  78.3P  10.1P  
01/03/2022 06:45 EST26,200P  11.88P  0.00P  137P  10.9P  7.8P  78.8P  10.0P  
01/03/2022 07:00 EST26,100P  11.85P  0.00P  136P  10.9P  7.8P  76.6P  10.0P  
01/03/2022 07:15 EST26,200P  11.88P  0.00P  136P  10.9P  7.8P  76.3P  10.0P  
01/03/2022 07:30 EST26,100P  11.85P  0.00P  136P  10.9P  7.8P  84.5P  10.0P  
01/03/2022 07:45 EST26,200P  11.87P  0.00P  135P  10.9P  7.8P  74.0P  9.9P  
01/03/2022 08:00 EST26,100P  11.85P  0.00P  135P  10.9P  7.8P  76.6P  9.9P  
01/03/2022 08:15 EST25,900P  11.83P  0.00P  135P  10.9P  7.8P  82.1P  9.9P  
01/03/2022 08:30 EST25,900P  11.83P  0.00P  135P  10.9P  7.8P  71.2P  9.9P  
01/03/2022 08:45 EST25,900P  11.83P  0.00P  135P  10.9P  7.8P  68.4P  9.8P  
01/03/2022 09:00 EST25,900P  11.82P  0.00P  136P  10.9P  7.8P  66.2P  9.8P  
01/03/2022 09:15 EST25,800P  11.81P  0.00P  136P  11.0P  7.8P  71.3P  9.8P  
01/03/2022 09:30 EST25,800P  11.80P  0.00P  136P  11.0P  7.8P  66.7P  9.8P  
01/03/2022 09:45 EST25,700P  11.78P  0.00P  136P  11.0P  7.8P  88.0P  9.8P  
01/03/2022 10:00 EST25,600P  11.77P  0.00P  137P  11.0P  7.8P  72.0P  9.7P  
01/03/2022 10:15 EST25,600P  11.76P  0.00P  137P  11.0P  7.8P  70.9P  9.7P  
01/03/2022 10:30 EST25,600P  11.77P  0.00P  138P  11.0P  7.8P  74.7P  9.7P  
01/03/2022 10:45 EST25,400P  11.73P  0.00P  138P  11.0P  7.8P  60.2P  9.7P  
01/03/2022 11:00 EST25,400P  11.72P  0.00P  138P  11.0P  7.8P  63.2P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 11:15 EST25,300P  11.71P  0.00P  138P  11.0P  7.8P  63.7P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 11:30 EST25,300P  11.71P  0.00P  138P  11.0P  7.8P  68.8P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 11:45 EST25,200P  11.69P  0.00P  138P  11.0P  7.8P  66.3P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 12:00 EST25,200P  11.68P  0.00P  137P  11.0P  7.8P  55.5P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 12:15 EST25,100P  11.66P  0.00P  137P  11.0P  7.8P  57.0P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 12:30 EST25,100P  11.66P  0.00P  137P  11.0P  7.8P  64.8P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 12:45 EST25,000P  11.64P  0.00P  136P  11.0P  7.8P  68.0P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 13:00 EST24,900P  11.63P  0.00P  136P  11.0P  7.8P  60.3P  9.6P  
01/03/2022 13:15 EST24,900P  11.63P  0.00P  136P  11.1P  7.8P  65.6P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 13:30 EST24,800P  11.60P  0.00P  135P  11.1P  7.8P  82.4P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 13:45 EST24,700P  11.59P  0.00P  135P  11.1P  7.8P  65.1P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 14:00 EST24,700P  11.58P  0.00P  134P  11.1P  7.8P  66.9P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 14:15 EST24,600P  11.57P  0.00P  134P  11.1P  7.8P  68.4P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 14:30 EST24,500P  11.54P  0.00P  134P  11.1P  7.8P  84.4P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 14:45 EST24,400P  11.53P  0.00P  134P  11.1P  7.8P  83.2P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 15:00 EST24,400P  11.52P  0.00P  133P  11.1P  7.8P  73.0P  9.5P  
01/03/2022 15:15 EST24,400P  11.53P  0.00P  133P  11.1P  7.8P  79.7P  9.4P  
01/03/2022 15:30 EST24,300P  11.50P  0.00P  133P  11.1P  7.8P  65.8P  9.4P  
01/03/2022 15:45 EST24,200P  11.48P  0.00P  132P  11.1P  7.8P  60.8P  9.4P  
01/03/2022 16:00 EST24,100P  11.46P  0.00P  132P  11.1P  7.8P  63.3P  9.4P  
01/03/2022 16:15 EST24,100P  11.46P  0.00P  132P  11.2P  7.8P  83.1P  9.4P  
01/03/2022 16:30 EST24,000P  11.45P  0.00P  132P  11.2P  7.8P  62.4P  9.3P  
01/03/2022 16:45 EST24,000P  11.43P  0.00P  132P  11.2P  7.8P  66.1P  9.3P  
01/03/2022 17:00 EST23,900P  11.42P  0.00P  131P  11.2P  7.8P  56.9P  9.3P  
01/03/2022 17:15 EST23,900P  11.41P  0.00P  131P  11.2P  7.8P  79.3P  9.3P  
01/03/2022 17:30 EST23,700P  11.37P  0.00P  131P  11.2P  7.8P  64.4P  9.2P  
01/03/2022 17:45 EST23,700P  11.37P  0.00P  131P  11.2P  7.8P  74.5P  9.2P  
01/03/2022 18:00 EST23,600P  11.36P  0.00P  130P  11.2P  7.8P  73.3P  9.2P  
01/03/2022 18:15 EST23,600P  11.36P  0.00P  130P  11.2P  7.8P  64.1P  9.2P  
01/03/2022 18:30 EST23,500P  11.34P  0.00P  130P  11.2P  7.8P  66.4P  9.1P  
01/03/2022 18:45 EST23,500P  11.34P  0.00P  130P  11.2P  7.8P  62.7P  9.1P  
01/03/2022 19:00 EST23,500P  11.33P  0.00P  130P  11.2P  7.8P  70.4P  9.1P  
01/03/2022 19:15 EST23,400P  11.31P  0.00P  130P  11.3P  7.8P  72.2P  9.1P  
01/03/2022 19:30 EST23,300P  11.30P  0.00P  130P  11.3P  7.8P  87.4P  9.1P  
01/03/2022 19:45 EST23,300P  11.30P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  53.4P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 20:00 EST23,300P  11.29P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  63.8P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 20:15 EST23,200P  11.27P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  62.2P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 20:30 EST23,100P  11.26P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  62.1P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 20:45 EST23,100P  11.26P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  70.7P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 21:00 EST23,000P  11.24P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  60.4P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 21:15 EST23,000P  11.23P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  56.6P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 21:30 EST23,000P  11.23P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  63.4P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 21:45 EST22,900P  11.22P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  48.3P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 22:00 EST22,900P  11.21P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  66.5P  9.0P  
01/03/2022 22:15 EST22,900P  11.20P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  59.0P  8.9P  
01/03/2022 22:30 EST22,800P  11.19P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  62.6P  8.9P  
01/03/2022 22:45 EST22,800P  11.19P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  57.5P  8.9P  
01/03/2022 23:00 EST22,800P  11.18P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  59.5P  8.9P  
01/03/2022 23:15 EST22,700P  11.17P  0.00P  129P  11.3P  7.8P  52.0P  8.9P  
01/03/2022 23:30 EST22,700P  11.16P  0.00P  129P  11.4P  7.8P  63.1P  8.9P  
01/03/2022 23:45 EST22,700P  11.16P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  54.8P  8.9P  
01/04/2022 00:00 EST22,600P  11.14P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  57.9P  8.9P  
01/04/2022 00:15 EST22,500P  11.13P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  58.8P  8.9P  
01/04/2022 00:30 EST22,500P  11.13P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  58.1P  8.9P  
01/04/2022 00:45 EST22,400P  11.11P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  74.9P  8.8P  
01/04/2022 01:00 EST22,400P  11.11P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  59.8P  8.8P  
01/04/2022 01:15 EST22,400P  11.10P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  55.6P  8.8P  
01/04/2022 01:30 EST22,300P  11.08P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  58.2P  8.8P  
01/04/2022 01:45 EST22,300P  11.08P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  68.0P  8.8P  
01/04/2022 02:00 EST22,200P  11.06P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  52.4P  8.8P  
01/04/2022 02:15 EST22,100P  11.04P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  54.5P  8.8P  
01/04/2022 02:30 EST22,100P  11.04P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  63.7P  8.7P  
01/04/2022 02:45 EST22,000P  11.01P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  57.8P  8.7P  
01/04/2022 03:00 EST22,000P  11.02P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  65.0P  8.7P  
01/04/2022 03:15 EST21,900P  10.99P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  59.5P  8.7P  
01/04/2022 03:30 EST21,800P  10.98P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  53.7P  8.7P  
01/04/2022 03:45 EST21,800P  10.97P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  63.9P  8.6P  
01/04/2022 04:00 EST21,700P  10.95P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  53.1P  8.6P  
01/04/2022 04:15 EST21,700P  10.94P  0.00P  130P  11.4P  7.8P  66.7P  8.6P  
01/04/2022 04:30 EST21,600P  10.93P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  62.4P  8.6P  
01/04/2022 04:45 EST21,500P  10.90P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  53.3P  8.6P  
01/04/2022 05:00 EST21,400P  10.89P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  46.1P  8.5P  
01/04/2022 05:15 EST21,500P  10.90P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  53.8P  8.5P  
01/04/2022 05:30 EST21,300P  10.86P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  57.4P  8.5P  
01/04/2022 05:45 EST21,300P  10.86P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  63.9P  8.5P  
01/04/2022 06:00 EST21,200P  10.85P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  54.3P  8.5P  
01/04/2022 06:15 EST21,200P  10.84P  0.00P  130P  11.5P  7.8P  93.9P  8.4P  
01/04/2022 06:30 EST21,100P  10.81P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.8P  50.4P  8.4P  
01/04/2022 06:45 EST21,000P  10.80P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.8P  54.5P  8.4P  
01/04/2022 07:00 EST21,000P  10.79P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.8P  72.2P  8.4P  
01/04/2022 07:15 EST20,900P  10.78P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.8P  54.0P  8.4P  
01/04/2022 07:30 EST20,900P  10.77P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.8P  61.4P  8.4P  
01/04/2022 07:45 EST20,800P  10.75P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.8P  67.5P  8.4P  
01/04/2022 08:00 EST20,800P  10.74P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.8P  43.1P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 08:15 EST20,700P  10.72P  0.00P  131P  11.5P  7.9P  50.2P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 08:30 EST20,700P  10.72P  0.00P  131P  11.6P  7.9P  54.5P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 08:45 EST20,600P  10.70P  0.00P  131P  11.6P  7.9P  45.4P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 09:00 EST20,500P  10.69P  0.00P  131P  11.6P  7.9P  48.8P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 09:15 EST20,500P  10.68P  0.00P  131P  11.6P  7.9P  52.1P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 09:30 EST20,400P  10.67P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.8P  54.8P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 09:45 EST20,400P  10.66P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  49.6P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 10:00 EST20,400P  10.65P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  51.5P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 10:15 EST20,300P  10.64P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  49.1P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 10:30 EST20,200P  10.62P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  52.3P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 10:45 EST20,100P  10.60P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  47.8P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 11:00 EST20,100P  10.60P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  44.9P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 11:15 EST20,100P  10.59P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  63.1P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 11:30 EST20,000P  10.56P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  53.7P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 11:45 EST20,000P  10.57P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  53.2P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 12:00 EST19,900P  10.55P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  51.4P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 12:15 EST19,800P  10.53P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  44.3P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 12:30 EST19,800P  10.51P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  58.4P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 12:45 EST19,800P  10.52P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  46.9P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 13:00 EST19,700P  10.49P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  55.2P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 13:15 EST19,700P  10.50P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  51.1P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 13:30 EST19,600P  10.48P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  50.2P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 13:45 EST19,500P  10.46P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  38.1P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 14:00 EST19,500P  10.46P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  62.8P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 14:15 EST19,400P  10.43P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  57.0P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 14:30 EST19,400P  10.42P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  49.0P  8.3P  
01/04/2022 14:45 EST19,400P  10.43P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  43.4P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 15:00 EST19,400P  10.42P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  44.3P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 15:15 EST19,300P  10.39P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  54.1P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 15:30 EST19,300P  10.40P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  49.4P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 15:45 EST19,200P  10.38P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  46.5P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 16:00 EST19,100P  10.36P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  44.6P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 16:15 EST19,100P  10.35P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  37.9P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 16:30 EST19,000P  10.34P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  37.0P  8.2P  
01/04/2022 16:45 EST19,000P  10.34P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  47.9P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 17:00 EST19,000P  10.33P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  45.9P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 17:15 EST18,900P  10.31P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  47.9P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 17:30 EST18,900P  10.31P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  43.2P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 17:45 EST18,800P  10.29P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  38.5P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 18:00 EST18,800P  10.28P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  38.2P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 18:15 EST18,800P  10.28P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  46.3P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 18:30 EST18,800P  10.27P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  44.2P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 18:45 EST18,800P  10.27P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  47.2P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 19:00 EST18,600P  10.24P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  41.6P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 19:15 EST18,600P  10.23P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  42.3P  8.1P  
01/04/2022 19:30 EST18,600P  10.24P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  39.6P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 19:45 EST18,600P  10.23P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  43.7P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 20:00 EST18,500P  10.21P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  38.6P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 20:15 EST18,500P  10.20P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  53.2P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 20:30 EST18,500P  10.20P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  39.5P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 20:45 EST18,400P  10.19P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  37.1P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 21:00 EST18,400P  10.19P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  36.8P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 21:15 EST18,400P  10.18P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  36.8P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 21:30 EST18,300P  10.16P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  41.1P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 21:45 EST18,200P  10.14P  0.00P  134P  11.7P  7.9P  39.9P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 22:00 EST18,200P  10.13P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  38.0P  8.0P  
01/04/2022 22:15 EST18,200P  10.13P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  40.5P  7.9P  
01/04/2022 22:30 EST18,200P  10.13P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  43.9P  7.9P  
01/04/2022 22:45 EST18,100P  10.11P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  36.2P  7.9P  
01/04/2022 23:00 EST18,100P  10.11P  0.00P  134P  11.6P  7.9P  36.8P  7.9P  
01/04/2022 23:15 EST18,100P  10.10P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  39.9P  7.9P  
01/04/2022 23:30 EST18,000P  10.09P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  43.1P  7.9P  
01/04/2022 23:45 EST18,000P  10.09P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  36.0P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 00:00 EST18,000P  10.09P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  35.7P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 00:15 EST18,000P  10.09P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  36.0P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 00:30 EST18,000P  10.09P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  36.8P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 00:45 EST17,900P  10.06P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  40.7P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 01:00 EST17,900P  10.06P  0.00P  133P  11.6P  7.9P  38.7P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 01:15 EST17,800P  10.04P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  36.8P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 01:30 EST17,700P  10.02P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  35.0P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 01:45 EST17,800P  10.03P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  34.8P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 02:00 EST17,700P  10.02P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  31.9P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 02:15 EST17,700P  10.01P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  31.2P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 02:30 EST17,700P  10.00P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  33.6P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 02:45 EST17,700P  10.00P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  33.8P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 03:00 EST17,600P  9.99P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  33.0P  7.9P  
01/05/2022 03:15 EST17,600P  9.98P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  38.8P  7.8P  
01/05/2022 03:30 EST17,500P  9.97P  0.00P  132P  11.6P  7.9P  39.0P  7.8P  
01/05/2022 03:45 EST17,500P  9.97P  0.00P  131P  11.6P  7.9P  34.8P  7.8P  
01/05/2022 04:00 EST17,500P  9.97P  0.00P  131P  11.6P  7.9P  31.6P  7.8P  
01/05/2022 04:15 EST17,500P  9.96P  0.00P  131P  11.6P  7.9P  30.1P  7.7P  
01/05/2022 04:30 EST17,500P  9.95P  0.00P  131P  11.7P  7.9P  29.5P  7.7P  
01/05/2022 04:45 EST17,500P  9.95P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  34.4P  7.7P  
01/05/2022 05:00 EST17,400P  9.93P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  25.6P  7.6P  
01/05/2022 05:15 EST17,400P  9.94P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  31.1P  7.6P  
01/05/2022 05:30 EST17,400P  9.92P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  31.1P  7.6P  
01/05/2022 05:45 EST17,300P  9.91P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  30.5P  7.5P  
01/05/2022 06:00 EST17,300P  9.90P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  29.5P  7.5P  
01/05/2022 06:15 EST17,300P  9.90P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  29.8P  7.5P  
01/05/2022 06:30 EST17,200P  9.88P  0.00P  130P  11.7P  7.9P  31.2P  7.4P  
01/05/2022 06:45 EST17,200P  9.88P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  33.6P  7.4P  
01/05/2022 07:00 EST17,200P  9.88P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  30.0P  7.4P  
01/05/2022 07:15 EST17,200P  9.87P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  32.4P  7.4P  
01/05/2022 07:30 EST17,200P  9.87P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  29.3P  7.3P  
01/05/2022 07:45 EST17,100P  9.85P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  29.7P  7.3P  
01/05/2022 08:00 EST17,100P  9.85P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  27.7P  7.3P  
01/05/2022 08:15 EST17,100P  9.85P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  28.8P  7.3P  
01/05/2022 08:30 EST17,000P  9.82P  0.00P  129P  11.8P  7.9P  26.1P  7.3P  
01/05/2022 08:45 EST17,000P  9.83P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  25.1P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 09:00 EST17,000P  9.82P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  25.4P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 09:15 EST17,000P  9.82P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  24.7P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 09:30 EST16,900P  9.80P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  28.0P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 09:45 EST16,900P  9.80P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  22.0P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 10:00 EST16,900P  9.80P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  25.5P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 10:15 EST16,800P  9.78P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  24.2P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 10:30 EST16,800P  9.78P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  27.4P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 10:45 EST16,700P  9.76P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  26.4P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 11:00 EST16,700P  9.76P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  26.8P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 11:15 EST16,700P  9.74P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  23.4P  7.2P  
01/05/2022 11:30 EST16,700P  9.74P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  23.0P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 11:45 EST16,700P  9.74P  0.00P  128P  11.8P  7.9P  30.0P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 12:00 EST16,600P  9.73P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  25.9P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 12:15 EST16,600P  9.72P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  24.3P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 12:30 EST16,600P  9.72P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  24.9P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 12:45 EST16,500P  9.71P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  23.5P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 13:00 EST16,500P  9.70P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  25.6P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 13:15 EST16,400P  9.68P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  29.8P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 13:30 EST16,400P  9.68P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  25.4P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 13:45 EST16,500P  9.69P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  25.8P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 14:00 EST16,400P  9.67P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  24.3P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 14:15 EST16,400P  9.66P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  24.8P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 14:30 EST16,300P  9.65P  0.00P  127P  11.9P  7.9P  24.5P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 14:45 EST16,300P  9.65P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  23.3P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 15:00 EST16,300P  9.65P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  22.6P  7.1P  
01/05/2022 15:15 EST16,200P  9.63P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  21.6P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 15:30 EST16,200P  9.62P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  22.5P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 15:45 EST16,200P  9.62P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  22.8P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 16:00 EST16,200P  9.61P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  22.0P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 16:15 EST16,100P  9.59P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  22.2P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 16:30 EST16,100P  9.58P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  23.2P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 16:45 EST16,100P  9.58P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  23.4P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 17:00 EST16,100P  9.58P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  21.7P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 17:15 EST16,100P  9.58P  0.00P  128P  11.9P  7.9P  22.4P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 17:30 EST16,000P  9.56P  0.00P  129P  11.9P  7.9P  21.5P  7.0P  
01/05/2022 17:45 EST16,000P  9.56P  0.00P  129P  11.9P  7.9P  21.1P  6.9P  
01/05/2022 18:00 EST16,000P  9.55P  0.00P  129P  11.9P  7.9P  22.4P  6.9P  
01/05/2022 18:15 EST16,000P  9.55P  0.00P  129P  11.9P  7.9P  20.7P  6.9P  
01/05/2022 18:30 EST16,000P  9.55P  0.00P  129P  11.9P  7.9P  22.7P  6.9P  
01/05/2022 18:45 EST15,900P  9.54P  0.00P  129P  11.9P  7.9P  22.4P  6.9P  
01/05/2022 19:00 EST15,900P  9.53P  0.00P  129P  11.9P  7.9P  27.8P  6.9P  
01/05/2022 19:15 EST15,800P  9.52P  0.00P  130P  11.9P  7.9P  18.2P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 19:30 EST15,800P  9.52P  0.00P  130P  11.9P  7.9P  21.5P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 19:45 EST15,800P  9.50P  0.00P  130P  12.0P  7.9P  21.3P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 20:00 EST15,700P  9.49P  0.00P  130P  12.0P  7.9P  21.0P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 20:15 EST15,700P  9.48P  0.00P  130P  12.0P  7.9P  19.0P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 20:30 EST15,700P  9.48P  0.00P  130P  12.0P  7.9P  22.2P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 20:45 EST15,700P  9.48P  0.00P  130P  12.0P  7.9P  21.0P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 21:00 EST15,700P  9.47P  0.00P  131P  12.0P  7.9P  20.1P  6.8P  
01/05/2022 21:15 EST15,600P  9.46P  0.00P  131P  12.0P  7.9P  21.2P  6.7P  
01/05/2022 21:30 EST15,600P  9.45P  0.00P  131P  12.0P  7.9P  21.4P  6.7P  
01/05/2022 21:45 EST15,600P  9.46P  0.00P  131P  12.0P  7.9P  20.5P  6.7P  
01/05/2022 22:00 EST15,500P  9.44P  0.00P  131P  12.0P  7.9P  19.9P  6.7P  
01/05/2022 22:15 EST15,500P  9.44P  0.00P  131P  12.0P  7.9P  19.4P  6.7P  
01/05/2022 22:30 EST15,500P  9.43P  0.00P  132P  12.0P  7.9P  19.4P  6.6P  
01/05/2022 22:45 EST15,500P  9.42P  0.00P  132P  12.0P  7.9P  19.0P  6.6P  
01/05/2022 23:00 EST15,500P  9.42P  0.00P  132P  12.0P  7.9P  19.5P  6.6P  
01/05/2022 23:15 EST15,400P  9.40P  0.00P  132P  12.0P  7.9P  17.4P  6.6P  
01/05/2022 23:30 EST15,400P  9.40P  0.00P  132P  12.0P  7.9P  19.0P  6.6P  
01/05/2022 23:45 EST15,400P  9.39P  0.00P  133P  12.0P  7.9P  19.1P  6.6P  
01/06/2022 00:00 EST15,300P  9.38P  0.00P  133P  12.0P  7.9P  19.0P  6.6P  
01/06/2022 00:15 EST15,300P  9.38P  0.00P  133P  12.0P  7.9P  19.4P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 00:30 EST15,300P  9.36P  0.00P  133P  12.0P  7.9P  18.2P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 00:45 EST15,300P  9.36P  0.00P  134P  12.0P  7.9P  19.1P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 01:00 EST15,300P  9.36P  0.00P  134P  12.0P  7.9P  17.7P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 01:15 EST15,200P  9.35P  0.00P  134P  12.0P  7.9P  17.3P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 01:30 EST15,200P  9.35P  0.00P  134P  12.0P  7.9P  17.9P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 01:45 EST15,200P  9.33P  0.00P  134P  12.1P  7.9P  16.6P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 02:00 EST15,100P  9.32P  0.00P  134P  12.1P  7.9P  15.8P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 02:15 EST15,100P  9.32P  0.00P  135P  12.1P  7.9P  17.6P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 02:30 EST15,100P  9.32P  0.00P  135P  12.1P  7.9P  17.3P  6.5P  
01/06/2022 02:45 EST15,100P  9.32P  0.00P  135P  12.1P  7.9P  17.4P  6.4P  
01/06/2022 03:00 EST15,000P  9.30P  0.00P  135P  12.1P  7.9P  17.0P  6.4P  
01/06/2022 03:15 EST15,000P  9.30P  0.00P  135P  12.1P  7.9P  17.1P  6.4P  
01/06/2022 03:30 EST15,000P  9.29P  0.00P  135P  12.1P  7.9P  17.0P  6.4P  
01/06/2022 03:45 EST15,000P  9.28P  0.00P  136P  12.1P  7.9P  17.1P  6.4P  
01/06/2022 04:00 EST14,900P  9.27P  0.00P  136P  12.1P  7.9P  16.3P  6.4P  
01/06/2022 04:15 EST14,900P  9.26P  0.00P  136P  12.1P  7.9P  16.4P  6.4P  
01/06/2022 04:30 EST14,900P  9.26P  0.00P  136P  12.1P  7.9P  16.6P  6.3P  
01/06/2022 04:45 EST14,900P  9.25P  0.00P  136P  12.2P  7.9P  16.4P  6.3P  
01/06/2022 05:00 EST14,800P  9.24P  0.00P  136P  12.2P  7.9P  16.9P  6.3P  
01/06/2022 05:15 EST14,800P  9.23P  0.00P  136P  12.2P  7.9P  16.3P  6.3P  
01/06/2022 05:30 EST14,800P  9.22P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  16.6P  6.2P  
01/06/2022 05:45 EST14,800P  9.22P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  15.9P  6.2P  
01/06/2022 06:00 EST14,700P  9.21P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  16.2P  6.2P  
01/06/2022 06:15 EST14,700P  9.20P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  16.1P  6.2P  
01/06/2022 06:30 EST14,700P  9.19P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  16.4P  6.2P  
01/06/2022 06:45 EST14,600P  9.18P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  15.6P  6.1P  
01/06/2022 07:00 EST14,600P  9.17P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  15.4P  6.1P  
01/06/2022 07:15 EST14,600P  9.18P  0.00P  137P  12.2P  7.9P  21.7P  6.1P  
01/06/2022 07:30 EST14,600P  9.16P  0.00P  138P  12.2P  7.9P  15.2P  6.0P  
01/06/2022 07:45 EST14,600P  9.16P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  15.7P  6.0P  
01/06/2022 08:00 EST14,500P  9.15P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  15.8P  6.0P  
01/06/2022 08:15 EST14,500P  9.13P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  15.5P  5.9P  
01/06/2022 08:30 EST14,500P  9.13P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  15.6P  5.9P  
01/06/2022 08:45 EST14,500P  9.13P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  15.8P  5.9P  
01/06/2022 09:00 EST14,400P  9.12P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  14.5P  5.9P  
01/06/2022 09:15 EST14,400P  9.11P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  15.5P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 09:30 EST14,400P  9.11P  0.00P  138P  12.3P  7.9P  15.3P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 09:45 EST14,300P  9.09P  0.00P  138P  12.4P  7.9P  15.0P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 10:00 EST14,300P  9.08P  0.00P  138P  12.4P  7.9P  14.8P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 10:15 EST14,300P  9.07P  0.00P  138P  12.4P  7.9P  14.9P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 10:30 EST14,300P  9.07P  0.00P  138P  12.4P  7.9P  15.0P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 10:45 EST14,200P  9.05P  0.00P  139P  12.4P  7.9P  14.8P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 11:00 EST14,100P  9.04P  0.00P  139P  12.4P  7.9P  14.8P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 11:15 EST14,100P  9.04P  0.00P  139P  12.4P  7.9P  15.2P  5.8P  
01/06/2022 11:30 EST14,100P  9.03P  0.00P  139P  12.4P  7.9P  15.0P  5.7P  
01/06/2022 11:45 EST14,100P  9.02P  0.00P  139P  12.4P  7.9P  14.4P  5.7P  
01/06/2022 12:00 EST14,000P  9.01P  0.00P  139P  12.4P  7.9P  14.9P  5.7P  
01/06/2022 12:15 EST14,000P  9.00P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.7P  5.7P  
01/06/2022 12:30 EST14,000P  9.00P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.7P  5.7P  
01/06/2022 12:45 EST14,000P  8.99P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.6P  5.7P  
01/06/2022 13:00 EST14,000P  8.99P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.5P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 13:15 EST13,900P  8.98P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.0P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 13:30 EST13,900P  8.97P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.3P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 13:45 EST13,900P  8.96P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.6P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 14:00 EST13,900P  8.96P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.4P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 14:15 EST13,800P  8.94P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.0P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 14:30 EST13,700P  8.92P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  8.0P  14.1P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 14:45 EST13,800P  8.93P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  13.6P  5.6P  
01/06/2022 15:00 EST13,700P  8.92P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  13.8P  5.5P  
01/06/2022 15:15 EST13,700P  8.91P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  14.1P  5.5P  
01/06/2022 15:30 EST13,600P  8.89P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  13.8P  5.5P  
01/06/2022 15:45 EST13,600P  8.88P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  13.6P  5.5P  
01/06/2022 16:00 EST13,600P  8.88P  0.00P  139P  12.5P  7.9P  13.5P  5.5P  
01/06/2022 16:15 EST13,600P  8.88P  0.00P  139P  12.6P  7.9P  13.9P  5.4P  
01/06/2022 16:30 EST13,600P  8.87P  0.00P  139P  12.6P  7.9P  13.4P  5.4P  
01/06/2022 16:45 EST13,500P  8.86P  0.00P  139P  12.6P  7.9P  13.7P  5.4P  
01/06/2022 17:00 EST13,500P  8.85P  0.00P  139P  12.6P  7.9P  13.4P  5.4P  
01/06/2022 17:15 EST13,500P  8.84P  0.00P  139P  12.6P  7.9P  13.6P  5.4P  
01/06/2022 17:30 EST13,500P  8.84P  0.00P  139P  12.6P  7.9P  13.3P  5.3P  
01/06/2022 17:45 EST13,400P  8.83P  0.00P  139P  12.6P  7.9P  13.3P  5.3P  
01/06/2022 18:00 EST13,400P  8.82P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.9P  5.3P  
01/06/2022 18:15 EST13,400P  8.81P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.9P  5.3P  
01/06/2022 18:30 EST13,400P  8.81P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  8.0P  13.8P  5.2P  
01/06/2022 18:45 EST13,300P  8.80P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.2P  5.2P  
01/06/2022 19:00 EST13,300P  8.79P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.3P  5.2P  
01/06/2022 19:15 EST13,300P  8.79P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.3P  5.2P  
01/06/2022 19:30 EST13,300P  8.79P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.6P  5.1P  
01/06/2022 19:45 EST13,300P  8.77P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.5P  5.1P  
01/06/2022 20:00 EST13,200P  8.76P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.5P  5.1P  
01/06/2022 20:15 EST13,200P  8.75P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.0P  5.0P  
01/06/2022 20:30 EST13,200P  8.74P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.0P  5.0P  
01/06/2022 20:45 EST13,100P  8.72P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.8P  5.0P  
01/06/2022 21:00 EST13,000P  8.68P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.4P  5.0P  
01/06/2022 21:15 EST12,900P  8.65P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.6P  4.9P  
01/06/2022 21:30 EST12,700P  8.61P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.5P  4.9P  
01/06/2022 21:45 EST12,600P  8.57P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.0P  4.9P  
01/06/2022 22:00 EST12,500P  8.52P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.8P  4.8P  
01/06/2022 22:15 EST12,300P  8.48P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.8P  4.8P  
01/06/2022 22:30 EST12,200P  8.44P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.9P  4.8P  
01/06/2022 22:45 EST12,100P  8.40P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.8P  4.8P  
01/06/2022 23:00 EST12,000P  8.36P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  13.0P  4.8P  
01/06/2022 23:15 EST11,900P  8.34P  0.00P  138P  12.6P  7.9P  12.5P  4.8P  
01/06/2022 23:30 EST11,800P  8.32P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  7.9P  12.9P  4.7P  
01/06/2022 23:45 EST11,800P  8.30P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  7.9P  12.7P  4.7P  
01/07/2022 00:00 EST11,800P  8.29P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  7.9P  13.1P  4.7P  
01/07/2022 00:15 EST11,700P  8.28P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  7.9P  12.4P  4.7P  
01/07/2022 00:30 EST11,700P  8.27P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  7.9P  12.7P  4.7P  
01/07/2022 00:45 EST11,700P  8.26P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  8.0P  12.7P  4.7P  
01/07/2022 01:00 EST11,700P  8.26P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  8.0P  12.4P  4.7P  
01/07/2022 01:15 EST11,600P  8.25P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  8.0P  12.8P  4.7P  
01/07/2022 01:30 EST11,600P  8.25P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  8.0P  12.2P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 01:45 EST11,600P  8.24P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  7.9P  12.2P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 02:00 EST11,600P  8.24P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  8.0P  12.4P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 02:15 EST11,600P  8.24P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  7.9P  11.4P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 02:30 EST11,600P  8.23P  0.00P  138P  12.7P  8.0P  12.3P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 02:45 EST11,500P  8.22P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  7.9P  11.8P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 03:00 EST11,500P  8.21P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  7.9P  12.1P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 03:15 EST11,500P  8.21P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  8.0P  11.9P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 03:30 EST11,500P  8.20P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  8.0P  11.9P  4.6P  
01/07/2022 03:45 EST11,500P  8.19P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  8.0P  12.6P  4.5P  
01/07/2022 04:00 EST11,400P  8.18P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  8.0P  12.4P  4.5P  
01/07/2022 04:15 EST11,400P  8.18P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  8.0P  12.6P  4.5P  
01/07/2022 04:30 EST11,400P  8.18P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  7.9P  12.8P  4.5P  
01/07/2022 04:45 EST11,400P  8.16P  0.00P  139P  12.7P  7.9P  12.2P  4.5P  
01/07/2022 05:00 EST11,300P  8.15P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.2P  4.4P  
01/07/2022 05:15 EST11,300P  8.14P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.2P  4.4P  
01/07/2022 05:30 EST11,300P  8.14P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.1P  4.4P  
01/07/2022 05:45 EST11,300P  8.13P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  11.6P  4.4P  
01/07/2022 06:00 EST11,300P  8.13P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.1P  4.4P  
01/07/2022 06:15 EST11,300P  8.13P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  11.8P  4.3P  
01/07/2022 06:30 EST11,200P  8.11P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.2P  4.3P  
01/07/2022 06:45 EST11,200P  8.11P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  11.7P  4.3P  
01/07/2022 07:00 EST11,200P  8.10P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.7P  4.3P  
01/07/2022 07:15 EST11,200P  8.09P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.3P  4.2P  
01/07/2022 07:30 EST11,200P  8.09P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  12.1P  4.2P  
01/07/2022 07:45 EST11,100P  8.07P  0.00P  139P  12.8P  7.9P  11.8P  4.2P  
01/07/2022 08:00 EST11,100P  8.07P  0.00P  139P  12.9P  7.9P  11.7P  4.2P  
01/07/2022 08:15 EST11,100P  8.06P  0.00P  139P  12.9P  7.9P  11.5P  4.1P  
01/07/2022 08:30 EST11,100P  8.05P  0.00P  139P  12.9P  7.9P  11.0P  4.1P  
01/07/2022 08:45 EST11,000P  8.04P  0.00P  139P  12.9P  7.9P  11.3P  4.1P  
01/07/2022 09:00 EST11,000P  8.04P  0.00P  139P  12.9P  7.9P  11.5P  4.1P  
01/07/2022 09:15 EST11,000P  8.03P  0.00P  139P  12.9P  7.9P  11.1P  4.0P  
01/07/2022 09:30 EST10,900P  8.01P  0.00P  139P  12.9P  7.9P  10.7P  4.0P  
01/07/2022 09:45 EST10,900P  8.01P  0.00P  138P  12.9P  7.9P  11.0P  4.0P  
01/07/2022 10:00 EST10,900P  8.01P  0.00P  138P  13.0P  7.9P  11.3P  4.0P  
01/07/2022 10:15 EST10,900P  8.00P  0.00P  138P  13.0P  7.9P  11.8P  4.0P  
01/07/2022 10:30 EST10,900P  7.99P  0.00P  138P  13.0P  7.9P  11.2P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 10:45 EST10,900P  7.98P  0.00P  138P  13.0P  7.9P  11.2P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 11:00 EST10,800P  7.97P  0.00P  138P  13.0P  7.9P  11.1P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 11:15 EST10,800P  7.96P  0.00P  138P  13.0P  7.9P  11.6P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 11:30 EST10,800P  7.96P  0.00P  138P  13.0P  7.9P  11.3P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 11:45 EST10,800P  7.95P  0.00P  138P  13.1P  8.0P  11.0P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 12:00 EST10,700P  7.94P  0.00P  138P  13.1P  7.9P  10.9P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 12:15 EST10,700P  7.93P  0.00P  138P  13.1P  8.0P  11.2P  3.9P  
01/07/2022 12:30 EST10,700P  7.93P  0.00P  138P  13.1P  7.9P  11.4P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 12:45 EST10,700P  7.91P  0.00P  138P  13.1P  8.0P  10.8P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 13:00 EST10,700P  7.91P  0.00P  138P  13.1P  8.0P  11.2P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 13:15 EST10,600P  7.90P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  11.4P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 13:30 EST10,600P  7.90P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  11.2P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 13:45 EST10,600P  7.89P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  10.6P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 14:00 EST10,600P  7.88P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  11.3P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 14:15 EST10,500P  7.87P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  10.4P  3.8P  
01/07/2022 14:30 EST10,500P  7.86P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  11.1P  3.7P  
01/07/2022 14:45 EST10,500P  7.86P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  11.2P  3.7P  
01/07/2022 15:00 EST10,500P  7.85P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  10.6P  3.7P  
01/07/2022 15:15 EST10,500P  7.84P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  10.7P  3.7P  
01/07/2022 15:30 EST10,400P  7.82P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  10.9P  3.7P  
01/07/2022 15:45 EST10,400P  7.82P  0.00P  138P  13.2P  8.0P  10.4P  3.7P  
01/07/2022 16:00 EST10,400P  7.80P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.8P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 16:15 EST10,300P  7.78P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.9P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 16:30 EST10,200P  7.74P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.4P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 16:45 EST10,100P  7.70P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.6P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 17:00 EST9,950P  7.65P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.2P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 17:15 EST9,790P  7.59P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.9P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 17:30 EST9,580P  7.51P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.6P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 17:45 EST9,400P  7.44P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.4P  3.6P  
01/07/2022 18:00 EST9,190P  7.36P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.8P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 18:15 EST8,990P  7.28P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.2P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 18:30 EST8,800P  7.20P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.4P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 18:45 EST8,630P  7.13P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.4P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 19:00 EST8,480P  7.07P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.6P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 19:15 EST8,340P  7.01P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.4P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 19:30 EST8,200P  6.95P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  9.8P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 19:45 EST8,100P  6.91P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.6P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 20:00 EST8,040P  6.88P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.5P  3.5P  
01/07/2022 20:15 EST7,970P  6.85P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.6P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 20:30 EST7,920P  6.83P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.6P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 20:45 EST7,850P  6.80P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.8P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 21:00 EST7,830P  6.79P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  8.0P  10.8P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 21:15 EST7,810P  6.78P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  7.9P  10.6P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 21:30 EST7,780P  6.77P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  7.9P  10.3P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 21:45 EST7,760P  6.76P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  7.9P  10.2P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 22:00 EST7,760P  6.76P  0.00P  138P  13.3P  7.9P  11.0P  3.4P  
01/07/2022 22:15 EST7,760P  6.76P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.6P  3.3P  
01/07/2022 22:30 EST7,740P  6.75P  0.00P  139P  13.3P  7.9P  10.6P  3.3P  
01/07/2022 22:45 EST7,740P  6.75P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.7P  3.3P  
01/07/2022 23:00 EST7,760P  6.76P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.8P  3.3P  
01/07/2022 23:15 EST7,760P  6.76P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.8P  3.3P  
01/07/2022 23:30 EST7,810P  6.78P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.8P  3.3P  
01/07/2022 23:45 EST7,850P  6.80P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.1P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 00:00 EST7,900P  6.82P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.9P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 00:15 EST7,940P  6.84P  0.00P  139P  13.4P  7.9P  10.7P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 00:30 EST7,990P  6.86P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.6P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 00:45 EST8,040P  6.88P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.3P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 01:00 EST8,080P  6.90P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.3P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 01:15 EST8,130P  6.92P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.0P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 01:30 EST8,150P  6.93P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.9P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 01:45 EST8,200P  6.95P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.9P  3.2P  
01/08/2022 02:00 EST8,220P  6.96P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.4P  3.1P  
01/08/2022 02:15 EST8,240P  6.97P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.4P  3.1P  
01/08/2022 02:30 EST8,240P  6.97P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.4P  3.1P  
01/08/2022 02:45 EST8,240P  6.97P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.9P  3.1P  
01/08/2022 03:00 EST8,240P  6.97P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.7P  3.1P  
01/08/2022 03:15 EST8,240P  6.97P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.9P  3.1P  
01/08/2022 03:30 EST8,240P  6.97P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  10.2P  3.1P  
01/08/2022 03:45 EST8,220P  6.96P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.6P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 04:00 EST8,240P  6.97P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.2P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 04:15 EST8,220P  6.96P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.8P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 04:30 EST8,200P  6.95P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.6P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 04:45 EST8,200P  6.95P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.8P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 05:00 EST8,200P  6.95P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.9P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 05:15 EST8,200P  6.95P  0.00P  140P  13.4P  7.9P  9.7P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 05:30 EST8,170P  6.94P  0.00P  140P  13.5P  8.0P  9.4P  3.0P  
01/08/2022 05:45 EST8,170P  6.94P  0.00P  140P  13.5P  7.9P  9.4P  2.9P  
01/08/2022 06:00 EST8,150P  6.93P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  8.0P  9.4P  2.9P  
01/08/2022 06:15 EST8,150P  6.93P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  8.0P  9.8P  2.9P  
01/08/2022 06:30 EST8,150P  6.93P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  7.9P  9.4P  2.9P  
01/08/2022 06:45 EST8,150P  6.93P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  8.0P  9.2P  2.9P  
01/08/2022 07:00 EST8,150P  6.93P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  7.9P  9.9P  2.9P  
01/08/2022 07:15 EST8,130P  6.92P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  7.9P  9.7P  2.8P  
01/08/2022 07:30 EST8,130P  6.92P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  7.9P  9.4P  2.8P  
01/08/2022 07:45 EST8,100P  6.91P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  7.9P  9.2P  2.8P  
01/08/2022 08:00 EST8,100P  6.91P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  8.0P  9.2P  2.8P  
01/08/2022 08:15 EST8,080P  6.90P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  8.0P  8.8P  2.8P  
01/08/2022 08:30 EST8,060P  6.89P  0.00P  141P  13.5P  7.9P