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USGS Current Conditions for Texas
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Site Selection Results -- 9 sites found

Parameter codes = 72019
County = Montgomery

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  group icon Montgomery County, Texas
Agency Site Number Site Name
USGS 300824095274701 TS-60-53-718 (Woodlands Piezometer No. 1-A)
USGS 300849095143301 TS-60-55-710 (New Caney Piezometer No. 7-A)
USGS 301228095272501 TS-60-53-516 (Needham Piezometer No. 4-A)
USGS 301505095343702 TS-60-44-805 (Lake Creek Piezometer No. 3-B)
USGS 301948095290002 TS-60-45-412 (City of Conroe Piezometer No. 1)
USGS 301948095290004 TS-60-45-414 (City of Conroe Piezometer No. 3)
USGS 302636095422801 TS-60-35-503 (Bailey Grove Piezometer No. 2-A)
USGS 302636095422803 TS-60-35-505 (Bailey Grove Piezometer No. 2-C)
USGS 302948095422501 TS-60-35-202 (Flower Follet)